Frenquently Asked Questions

Where are the classes taking place?

Our face-to-face classes run at our school situated within the same building as The London School of English, 5 minutes' walk from Holland Park station.

Is your building wheelchair accessible?

The building is not designed to be wheelchair accessible.

Are there any prerequisites for enrolling in a language course?

The only requirement for our students is to be 18+.

What languages are offered at the school?

We offer classes in Mandarin, Japanese, French, Italian, and Spanish.

How long is each language course?

Each language course lasts 6 weeks except terms starting in September and October that are 7 weeklong.

What are the class timings?

Classes take place in the evening, once a week, Monday to Thursday from 18:00 to 20:00. To know the exact date for each course please refer to the course date page for each language on our website

Is there any flexibility in the course schedule?

No. Our courses are group courses and have a fixed schedule.

What language levels are offered at the school?

We offer classes from beginner to intermediate for all 5 languages.

How do I know what course level is right for me?

You can take a free test for the language of your choice on our website. The test will place you in one of the main 5 bands: Beginner, Pre-Elementary, Elementary, Pre-Intermediate, Intermediate.

What do I do after I take the test?

Once you know the band, please proceed to the page dedicated to the language you chose and go to “course outline”. There you can read the courses withing the band you were given and by reading the foreknowledge required for specific courses you’ll be able to choose the most suitable one.

How can I enrol on a language course?

You can enrol by visiting our website, contacting our admissions office, or visiting our reception desk in the building.

Do you offer online or/and one to one courses?

Not at the moment.

How qualified are the language instructors?

Our language instructors are highly qualified and experienced in teaching their respective languages. They are either native speakers or possess advanced proficiency in the language they teach.

What teaching methods are employed in the language courses?

The main methodology is the communicative approach that focuses on the speaking part of the language. Our courses incorporate interactive activities, multimedia resources, and real-life scenarios to enhance language learning.

How can I monitor my progress in the course?

We don’t run tests or exams but your teacher will always keep you updated on your progress.

Can I pay in instalments?

The course amount must be paid in full when you enrol.