Brazil culture quiz: How much do you know?

Try our quiz and test your cultural knowledge of Brazil.

1. What is the capital city of Brazil?

a. Sao Paolo
b. Rio de Janeiro
c. Brasilia

2. Which two South American countries do not share a border with Brazil?

a. Venezuela and Colombia
b. Chile and Ecuador
c. Ecuador and Peru

3. What is feijoada?

a. A stew made of black beans and meat
b. A martial art
c. A traditional dance

4. True or false? Rio is the first South American city to host the Olympic Games.

a. True
b. False

5. What is the word carioca used to describe in Rio?

a. Local people
b. Tourists
c. A local festival

6. Which of the following is not a Brazilian dance?

a. Forró            
b. Zamba 
c. Samba

7. How many times has Brazil won the Football World Cup?

a. Once            
b. Twice                 
c. Five times

8. Which of the following is not true in Brazil?

a. People can vote from the age of 18
b. Voting is mandatory
c. Same sex marriage is legal

9. What is Bumba-meu-boi?

a. A Brazilian cake made with sugar and nuts
b. A well-known Brazilian folk song
c. A street festival popular in the north of Brazil

10. Which other country has more people of original descent living in Brazil than anywhere else in the world?

a. USA              
b. Italy                              
c. Japan

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