Your Questions Answered

Young Adults FAQs

Is this an English Language Course?

The Young Adult courses are a mix of language programme and career experience.  Students will already have a good (minimum B1+ / IELTS 5.5 level) and the course focus is on refining and applying language skills.  The language element will be subject-specific and skills-based, rather than having an academic or theoretical language focus.

Can I combine two courses?

The courses are all project based and you will be working with in teams the whole way through. It isn’t possible to combine courses or to switch to a different course part-way through.

Can I do more than one course?

Yes, you can. Each course is 2 weeks long and there are 3 start dates. It is possible to do all 3 courses if you want to stay for 6 weeks.

What if I find the course too difficult?

Your Trainer is a specialist and will support you the whole way through. If you have a starting level of B1+/IELTS 5.5 then the course will not be too difficult for you. If you would like to check your level, you can do an online test here.

Will I get feedback on my English level?

You will get continual feedback from your trainer on your English level and how to improve it. You will also have time for a personal Tutorial with your trainer to look at where you are and what you need to work on in order to continue to improve.

Does the course include grammar?

This isn’t a grammar course, but you need good grammar to be able to talk fluently and accurately so your trainer will support you to improve areas you need to work on. 

What level of English do I need?

B1+ / IELTS 5.5

What’s included in the course fees and what extras will I have to pay for?

All course fees, accommodation, meals, airport transfers & social activities are included in the course fees. We recommend that you bring spending money for snacks, souvenirs and anything else you might want to buy.

Who are the trainers?

You can see who the London School trainers are on the Meet the Team page. We will also have specialist speakers on each course who are experts in different areas and can deliver motivating, inspiring talks.

What happens during the day, evenings and weekend?

In the morning, we all have breakfast together in the accommodation and walk to Senate House, where your classes are. You will have classes Monday to Friday until lunchtime in Senate House. After lunch you will either go on a visit related to your course with your team-mates or you will have a choice of social activities to do in the afternoons. Dinner is in the evening at the accommodation and then we have social activities that you can choose from. At the weekend, we have a full-day and a half-day excursion with everyone together. You will also have the opportunity for some free time to spend with your new friends at the weekend.

What happens if I have a problem while I’m in London?

We have staff members available to help you 24 hours a day. As part of your induction, you will be introduced to the Welfare Team and told how to get in touch with them day or night. We take your safety and happiness very seriously, we’re ready to help you whenever you need us.

How do you keep the Young Adults safe?

We have a trained safeguarding team and a comprehensive policy that covers how we will keep our students safe and supervised. All activities have a risk assessment in advance that must be signed off by our Safeguarding Lead. When you book, you will be sent a parental consent form which outlines what our students can and cannot do while they are under our care. This is to keep everyone safe and to provide a relaxed environment for everyone to enjoy their stay.

What if I have additional needs?

When you book the course, you will be asked if you have additional needs. We will then contact you to discuss how we can best support you. We can work with you to put together a personal plan to make sure you are happy and secure during your course.

Is there a prayer room?

In Senate House, there are male and female prayer rooms that our young adults can use.

Where will I be able to keep my passport and valuables?

On arrival at the accommodation, we will collect your passport and keep it safe for you. You have your own room to keep your things in but we recommend that you don’t bring valuables or things with you that you are worried about losing.

Who will meet me when I arrive in the UK and how do I get to the school?

Before you arrive, you will send us your travel arrangements and we will send you detailed information on where to meet our staff. Someone will meet you at the airport in arrivals and will be easily recognisable. You will also have a phone number to call if you are delayed or have any problems with your luggage.

How much luggage should I bring?

Check what your luggage allowance is with your airline. Remember to leave space to bring home any shopping or souvenirs that you buy!

What happens after I apply?

When you complete your booking form, you will be sent some confirmation documents plus a Parental Consent form and a link to your pre-course questionnaire. Please return the completed parental consent form ASAP because we can’t allow anyone to join without one. You will also need to complete your pre-course questionnaire. This will tell us about who you are, your interests and your level of English so that we are ready for you when you arrive.

What happens if I need to cancel?

Please see our terms and conditions for information on cancelling your course once it has been booked.

Do I need a visa?

Every country is different. Please check the requirements for you and let us know if you have any questions. We will be able to provide a visa support letter for you once you have paid your fees in full.

What happens if I arrive in the evening on the first day?

When you arrive at the accommodation, you will be met by our staff and shown your room. There will be an induction and time for you to meet all your new team-mates. We will have dinner together and there will be a social activity at the accommodation in the evening. If you arrive after dinner, we will have a sandwich dinner ready for you so don’t worry about being hungry.

What food will be provided?

All meals are provided for you. If you have any dietary restrictions, please tell us in your booking form.

Student turning 18 - can they book?

Students must be aged 15-17 when they start the course.  If they turn 18 whilst on the course, that's not problem.  We will just require a few extra forms signed by you to ensure appropriate safeguarding. We have a very strict no alcohol policy and despite the fact that 18 is the legal age to buy alcohol in the UK, they will not be permitted to buy or drink alcohol whist participating in the course.