Why take our courses?

Our academic programme combines high-quality teaching with challenging, empowering activities and tasks that put students at the centre. This means that every student completing a course will work with the same material and take away the same knowledge, but will also have plenty of opportunities to personally connect with and respond to the content. Additionally, each course is packed with real-world content that is guaranteed to inform, educate, and inspire. Lastly, by taking any one of these courses, students will get a significant boost to their English abilities as they practice, refine, and apply their language skills in different ways every day.

To give you an idea of what this looks like in practice, let’s focus on our Business Pioneers course. In Week 1, our students prepare a business proposal (including authentic public market research in central London), leading to a final presentation at the end of the week as part of an investment meeting simulation. In the second week, students have to use all they have learnt to pitch their products and services to our adult Business English students at a mock trade fair.

See Business Pioneers Course

Through student-centred, dynamic, and engaging projects and activities like these, our students will develop the skills necessary for success in the real world, all the while improving their language and communication abilities.

Our Teaching Approach

Our approach to teaching recognizes that students learn best with a careful balance of structure and freedom. Each day, they will encounter new topics and ideas and be provided with the language and skills to meaningfully explore them. They will also take the lead in tasks, activities and projects that ask them to use what they have learnt to produce something original, creative and inspiring. What’s more, these tasks, activities and projects will be relevant and applicable to the world we live in today.

Digital Media Innovators Course