Digital Media Innovators: The Next Disruptors



In partnership with the British Film Institute, this course is designed to help you explore the full potential of Digital Media!

Participate in an immersive experience lead up to an exciting Digital Media Challenge, as well as a hands-on 3-day Film Challenge partnered with the World famous British Film Institute (BFI) in London. Explore key topics, from storytelling to ethics, and attend inspiring talks by guest speakers on digital media's impact. Collaborate exclusively in English within small project teams to develop essential skills in negotiation, problem-solving, active listening, and intercultural communication. This course helps you to build global friendships, improves filmmaking and communication skills, enhances vocabulary and cultural understanding, boosts confidence and independence, and provides a taste of life in dynamic London - a journey filled with fun, insights, and personal growth.


Each 2-week course includes…

  • Opening speech guest talk from an inspirational author and media specialist
  • 3-day onsite film-making course at the British Film Institute
  • A screening at the UK’s largest cinema, the BFI IMAX
  • Closing plenary speech from famous inspirational explorer or journalist

At a glance...

Ages15-17 years old
Course length2 weeks
English levelB1+/IELTS 5 (Intermediate & above)
Staff to student ratio1:8
Maximum class size14
Academic content and related visits26.5 hours per week
Excursions1 full-day trip to a theme park
Other social activities, including culture, walks, and evening activities36 hours per week
Course dates (2024)Sunday 30th June - Saturday 13th July
Sunday 14th July - Saturday 27th July
Sunday 28th July - Saturday 10th August
LocationCentral London
Designed forFuture Content Creators, Journalists, Creative Marketers, Brand Ambassadors
SkillsUnderstanding Your Digital Footprint / Critical & Reflective Analysis / Personal Branding / Digital Media Channels / Filming, Editing & Storytelling / Public Speaking

Who is the course for?

The course is for focused young adults who are ready to explore their future options and develop intercultural friendships. Perhaps you’re interested in developing your intercultural competence skills and are thinking about a university qualification, an apprenticeship or work placement. This course will equip you with the skills you need to achieve your goals with confidence. You’ll get a real feel for what university life in London is like by living in a University of London residence and studying at the historic University of London building, Senate House. 

What you'll learn

This isn’t your standard classroom - prepare for a whole new experience! You will be actively involved from day one. All input sessions are lively and engaging, with you and your teammates at the centre.  

You will work on an engaging Digital Media Challenge in your first week which will prepare you for a hands-on, dynamic 48hr Film Challenge in your second week. This second-week challenge will involve you working with the world-famous British Film Institute (BFI) in London. You will plan, shoot, edit and finally show a film that you make with your teammates. To do this, you will be based in the BFI building using its cutting-edge facilities and equipment, and out and about in London filming.  

To make sure you are fully ready to achieve success in these challenges, you will explore the following key topics: 

  • Once upon a time – what’s your story? 
  • Channel your inner director – prepare for a film shoot 
  • Lights, Camera, Action - Film and edit your story 
  • Curtain Up – How to prepare for a film screening at the BFI 
  • The Ethics of It All—Privacy & Surveillance    
  • 3 Fine Lines - Fake News, Free Speech & Fame    
  • Humans & Machines— technology for storytelling  

You will also have the opportunity to attend talks from inspirational and empowering guest speakers. These will give you a first-hand look into how people are using digital media to reach people and tell their stories. 

Throughout your course you will be working in small project teams with like-minded young adults and communicating exclusively in English. This will help you to develop skills such as negotiating, problem solving, active listening and intercultural communication. All of these skills are incredibly important for working in dynamic, innovative, successful teams, and will be useful for you whatever future path you decide to take. 


    • New friendships with like-minded individuals from all over the world
    • A taste of living and studying in one of the most exciting cities in the world
    • The development of a range of practical filmmaking skills
    • The production of your own film, made and shown at the BFI
    • Improved communication and presentation skills
    • The ability to confidently participate in debates 
    • An enhanced knowledge of English vocabulary and culture
    • Increased confidence and independence to support you at university and at work
    • A greater understanding of your communicative strengths and areas for future development

What are the benefits of the course?

When you take this course, you will: 

  • Deepen your understanding of the power and influence of media in the world today 
  • Learn a variety of filmmaking skills at the world-famous BFI 
  • Work together with like-minded young adults who are motivated to learn and develop 
  • Study and explore in a stimulating and safe environment  
  • Learn more about British culture and get to know London as a Londoner 
  • Practice your English in authentic settings 
  • Develop your critical thinking and public speaking skills 
  • Become more independent, confident, and aware of what you want to do in the future 
  • Make new friends from all over the world 
  • Have a huge amount of fun! 

Activities (afternoons & evenings)

Our visits and activities will take you all around London and show you why this city is so popular with both tourists and Londoners. One day you may be on a boat trip down the Thames sailing through the heart of the city and the next exploring the hidden gems of London’s vibrant streets or discovering the music, fashion and food at one of London’s many street markets.  For the 'culture vultures' amongst you, London is home to some of the best international art and artefacts in its world-class museums and galleries. In the evenings, you will have the opportunity to go to an award-winning show as well as trying many other fun social activities. All our activities give you the chance to really get to know this dazzling city and experience London culture while mixing with students from all over the world.

Weekend activities

During the ‘middle weekend’ between the first and second week, you will have the opportunity to relax, have fun, make friends and explore:

  • Saturday: You will have the opportunity to spend the afternoon at London’s Westfield shopping centre, the biggest in Europe!
  • Sunday: We will all go to the Thorpe Park Adventure Theme Park for a full day of freedom and fun.

    Sample Timetables

    Sample Timetables

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