French culture quiz: How much do you know?

On 7 May one of them will be elected to replace Francois Hollande and steer the destiny of France through its relationship with the European Union and its position on the world’s economic and political stage.

As one of its founding members, France has always played a central role in the EU and is also the sixth largest world economic power. It is the most popular tourist destination in the world and has a has a strong presence in the energy, defence and transport sectors.

While the world’s eyes on France and her future, see how much do you know about French history and culture.

1.      How long is the term of office for a French president?

a.  4 years
b.  5 years
c.  There is no maximum term

2.  Paris is also called?

a.  La Ville Lumière (City of Lights)
b.  La Ville de l’eau (City of Water)

3.  What is the name of the French National Anthem?

a.  La Parisienne (The Parisian)
b.  La Marseillaise (The Marseillan)

4.  Which French city is called ‘La Ville Rose’ (The Pink City)?

a.  Toulouse
b.  Lyon
c.  Marseille 

5.  Where was the French Emperor, Napoleon Bonaparte, born?

a.  Paris
b.  Corsica
c.  Saint Helena 

6.  Who is represented on the official French stamps?

a.  Marianne
b.  The current President 

7.      The city of Bordeaux is located on …

a.  The Atlantic Coast?
b.  The Mediterranean Coast? 

8.  The French greeting ‘la bise’ is the same in all French regions

a.  TRUE
b.  FALSE 

9.  It is compulsory to wear school uniform in France

a.  TRUE
b.  FALSE 

10.  The French King Louis XIV, was called…

a.  Le Roi-Soleil (The Sun King)
b.  Le Roi Généreux? (The Generous King) 

11.  The word ‘Piaf’ is an informal word which means…

a.  Squirrel
b.  Sparrow 

12.  On the 14 July, French people celebrate…

a.  Labour Day
b.  The Storming of the Bastille 

13.  King Louis XVI was the last absolute monarch of France. Which year marked the end of the monarchy in France and the beginning of the first Republic?

a.       1793
b.       1893

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