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English for the leaders of tomorrow

Experience an innovative English course that breaks the mold of traditional classrooms. From day one, you'll be immersed in engaging sessions, collaborating with peers on a Change Maker Challenge focused on sustainability, community, AI, resilience, and advocacy. Beyond the classroom, explore London's political heart with visits to the Houses of Parliament and be inspired by guest speakers. Work in small project teams, exclusively using English, to develop vital skills in negotiation, problem-solving, active listening, and intercultural communication. This course fosters global friendships, offers a taste of city life, enhances communication and public speaking abilities, boosts vocabulary for current issues, and promotes confidence and independence for university and career pursuits, all while having a blast!

At a glance...

Ages15-17 years old
Course length2 weeks
English levelB1+/IELTS 5 (Intermediate & above)
Staff to student ratio1:8
Maximum class size14
Academic content and related visits26.5 hours per week
Excursions1 full-day trip and 1 half-day trip
Other social activities, including culture, walks, and evening activities36 hours per week
Course dates (2024)Sunday 30th June - Saturday 13th July
Sunday 14th July - Saturday 27th July
Sunday 28th July - Saturday 10th August
LocationCentral London
Designed forfuture Lawyers, Policy Makers, Innovation Consultants, NGO Pioneers
SkillsIdentifying Global Challenges & Finding Solutions / Understanding Sustainability Goals / Teamwork / Active Citizenship / Championing Global Causes

What you'll learn

This isn’t your standard classroom - prepare for a whole new experience! You will be actively involved from day one. All input sessions are lively and engaging, with you and your teammates at the centre.  

You will work towards a Change Maker Challenge in your first week and develop it further in your second week in an exciting team project environment. To make sure you are fully ready to achieve success in the challenge, you will explore the following key topics: 

  • The Time is Now: Making Sustainable Choices
  • It Takes a Village—Community Goals   
  • AI and Humans — friends or foes?   
  • Positivity & Resilience—Building Strong Foundations   
  • Different Perspectives—Law, Society, Humans & Technology   
  • Finding Your Voice— Campaigning for a Cause 

You will also have the opportunity to attend talks from inspirational and empowering guest speakers and go on a visit to the Houses of Parliament in London. These will give you a first-hand look into how laws are made and change is realized. 

Throughout your course you will be working in small project teams with like-minded young adults and communicating exclusively in English. This will help you to develop skills such as negotiating, problem solving, active listening and intercultural communication. All of these skills are incredibly important for working in dynamic, innovative, successful teams, and will be useful for you whatever future path you decide to take. 


  • New friendships with like-minded individuals from all over the world 
  • A taste of living and studying in one of the most exciting cities in the world 
  • Improved communication and public speaking skills 
  • The ability to confidently participate in debates 
  • An enhanced vocabulary for describing current issues and change 
  • Increased confidence and independence to support you at university and at work 
  • A greater understanding of your English language strengths and areas for future development

Who is the course for?

The course is for focused young adults with a passion for making change happen who are ready to explore their future options and develop intercultural friendships. Perhaps you’re thinking about a university qualification, an apprenticeship or work placement in this area. This course will equip you with the skills you need to achieve your goals with confidence. You’ll get a real feel for what university life is like by living in a University of London residence and studying at the historic University of London building, Senate House.

What are the benefits of the course?

When you take this course, you will: 

  • Deepen your understanding of the most important issues facing the world today 
  • Work together with like-minded young adults who are motivated to learn and develop 
  • Study and explore in a stimulating and safe environment  
  • Learn more about British culture and get to know London as a Londoner
  • Improve your English language skills in an authentic setting 
  • Develop your critical thinking and public speaking skills 
  • Become more independent, confident, and aware of what you want to do in the future 
  • Make new friends from all over the world 
  • Have a huge amount of fun! 

Activities (afternoons & evenings)

Our visits and activities will take you all around London and show you why this city is so popular with both tourists and Londoners. One day you may be on a boat trip down the Thames sailing through the heart of the city and the next exploring the hidden gems of London’s vibrant streets or discovering the music, fashion and food at one of London’s many street markets.  For the 'culture vultures' amongst you, London is home to some of the best international art and artefacts in its world-class museums and galleries. In the evenings, you will have the opportunity to go to an award-winning show as well as trying many other fun social activities. All our activities give you the chance to really get to know this dazzling city and experience London culture while mixing with students from all over the world.

Weekend activities

Included in the course fees are one full-day and one half-day visit in and around London. These trips are designed to add to the Summer School experience, giving students the opportunity to make new friends, enjoy new experiences, and see more of England. Examples of our full-day visits include:

  • Brighton, a seaside town which blends modern culture and exotic architecture, sea and countryside,
  • An Adventure Theme Park for a day of freedom and fun!
  • Windsor to visit the Castle and 1000 years of royal history or just relax in the parks and gardens

Examples of our half-day visits include:

  • Hampton Court to see where Henry VIII slept and what he ate (a lot) and navigate one of the world’s most fabulous mazes
  • The iconic Harry Potter Studio Tour where you can experience all the magic of Hogwarts

Students also have the opportunity to join in with weekday afternoon & evening activities as part of our Social Programme. Find out more here.

Sample timetables

Sample Timetables

Sample Timetables

Please download sample timetables for each of our Summer Schools here