Intercultural training and support for international assignees

International assignments are a costly exercise for global organisations and can make or break an individual's career. A successful overseas assignment can provide individuals with the skills, expertise and connections to help them step into a senior global leadership role. However, if mistakes are made in the early days or key relationships fail to develop the individual's and the organisation's reputation can be damaged. We provide a range of intercultural training, coaching and support to help international assignees make the most of their experience; whether new graduates on short overseas rotations, project workers or long term assignees and their families.

Pre-departure preparation

From indepth one or two day face-to-face programmes to shorter virtual consultations or coaching programmes, we help assignees to prepare for the culture shock of moving their lives overseas and develop practical skills and strategies to make the right impression and overcome the challenges of their first days and weeks in their new role.

Incountry support

It can be only after several weeks or months that culture shock sets in and assignees are faced with challenges or uncertainty. Regular support from an intercultural trainer or coach can give them the space to discuss complex situations or prepare for important events. And when the time comes to return home after a long stay overseas, a repatriation specialist can help assignees to prepare for going home.

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