Working Across Cultures

If you want to overcome the challenges of Working across Cultures this course is for you. You will develop your intercultural knowledge and skills to help you build stronger relationships and communicate effectively with international contacts. You will learn to interpret cross-cultural expectations and perspectives and to adapt to diverse communication styles and work preferences.

Who’s it for?

Working Across Cultures is for anyone working in a multicultural environment either at home or away - if you are part of a global team, work with international customers or suppliers or travel overseas on business.


  • Greater self-awareness and cultural awareness
  • How to recognise cross-cultural values and behaviour
  • Techniques for communicating across cultures
  • The knowledge to avoid costly cultural mistakes
  • Increased cultural intelligence

"I wish I had this training years ago. This course will help me overcome many cross-cultural working problems. There were many opportunities to reflect and share thoughts."

Debbie Jarvis, Professor of Public Health, Imperial College London


  • What is culture? Definitions and sub-cultures
  • Perceptions, generalisations and stereotypes
  • Cross-cultural working styles and business etiquette
  • Strategies for managing teams, meetings and negotiating
  • Cross-cultural communication styles and approaches
  • Building relationships and creating trust across cultures
  • How to develop cultural intelligence

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  • Location London
  • Location Your Office
  • Group Size Max 10
  • Course Duration Min duration: 3 hours
  • Location Public Course
  • Public Course Price Public Course: £450 / 1 day
  • Bespoke Course Price Bespoke: on request

Are you interculturally competent?

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