English Language Testing For Your Organisation

Assess your employees' English levels. Whether you have one employee or thousands, you can choose from free initial online language assessments or premium customised assessments on our platform branded with your identity.

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Why choose The London School of English for your language assessment

We know that your timelines may be tight, you may be dealing with offices or departments abroad, and the English levels of your employees can vary widely. Our fully customisable assessment services allow you to understand the language capabilities of your workforce better. Through working with organisations of all sizes and requirements, we can address any of your goals in the most effective ways to allow you to make more informed decisions about how to allocate your training budget.

Free online assessment

We will provide you with an initial language assessment of your employees online for free. Our methodology allows for testing in reading, listening, use of English, vocabulary and conversational English, for individuals and on a large scale basis.

Adapted to your specific needs

Do you have specific requirements for testing for your industry and company? We can design bespoke language testing for all levels within your organisation from junior staff to senior management and even recruitment, consulting and supporting you every step of the way.

Branded platform for your company

Do you need to deliver testing on a platform with your logo and centralised results? Our branded and gated platform gives companies the opportunity to track the results for all their employees in one place. Results are fully encrypted and securely stored for your company's access.

London School Online worked closely with us to develop bespoke materials for our staff. They were prepared to tweak existing modules to ensure our company ethos and standards were portrayed. Their support was, and is, phenomenal.

Adam Kirkaldy, Learning & Development Manager, Corbin & King

Our Clients

Among our clients are companies of all sizes, from local businesses to multinational organisations. We work in most industries and have an excellent track record of delivering services across cities, regions and countries - wherever you need.

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