Included in the course fees are one full-day and one half-day visit in and around London. These trips are designed to add to the Summer School experience, giving students the opportunity to make new friends, enjoy new experiences, and see more of England. Examples of our full-day visits include: 

  • Brighton, a seaside town which blends modern culture and exotic architecture, sea and countryside,
  • An Adventure Theme Park for a day of freedom and fun!
  • Windsor to visit the Castle and 1000 years of royal history or just relax in the parks and gardens

Examples of our half-day visits include: 

  • Hampton Court to see where Henry VIII slept and what he ate (a lot) and navigate one of the world’s most fabulous mazes
  • The iconic Harry Potter Studio Tour where you can experience all the magic of Hogwarts

Students also have the opportunity to join in with weekday afternoon & evening activities as part of our Social Programme. Find out more here.