Recorded Webinars

LSIC offers regular webinars on a wide range of intercultural and communication themes relevant to the international workplace. These interactive webinars are delivered live by our team of expert trainers and consultants.

If you would like to view the recording of one of our recent webinars please click on the relevant image below.

Developing your intercultural competence webinarDeveloping your intercultural competence

How to select the best intercultural training for your organisationHow to select the best intercultural training for your organisation

Giving feedback across culturesGiving feedback across cultures

Developing a global leadership mindsetDeveloping a global leadership mindset

Navigating British Business CultureNavigating British business culture

Navigating British Business CultureOvercoming common hurdles when communicating with Indian partners

Simple strategies for bridging cultural gapsSimple strategies for bridging cultural gaps

Becoming aware of unconscious biasBecoming aware of unconscious bias

Presenting to global audiencesPresenting to global audiences

How to think like the JapaneseHow to think like the Japanese

How to build trust in international teamsHow to build trust in international teams

HWorking with the SwedishWorking with the Swedish