Repatriation Training

Adjusting to coming home after an overseas assignment can be just as challenging as relocating abroad and research suggests that many expatriates leave their company within two years of repatriation.  The right training and support can help ‘repatriates’ to adjust to their home environment, rebuild their networks and implement the knowledge and skills they have gained overseas.

Who’s it for? 

Repatriation training and support is for international assignees returning to their home country after working overseas.


  • Targeted, up-to-date home country information
  • Practical strategies for managing reverse culture shock
  • Stakeholder mapping and networking plan
  • Self-analysis and profile building: key skills and knowledge developed

"Really useful session, good use of trainer's personal experience and stories to bring things to life."

Lynne Springett, Director of Customer Insight, Time Inc.


  • Self-assessment: key learning and development from yourassignment 
  • Reverse culture shock and strategies to manage
  • Change management skills
  • Home country updates
  • Developing cultural intelligence

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