Working with the Indians

Our India-focused intercultural training will help you to build successful relationships with Indian colleagues and partners.  You will develop greater understanding of Indian business culture and learn how to adapt your style and approach for more successful outcomes.

Who’s it for?

Working with the Indians is for anyone working on the ground in India or managing remote relationships with Indian colleagues or partners.


  • Up-to-date knowledge of the Indian business context
  • Increased understanding of Indian values, attitudes and behaviours
  • Greater awareness of Indian working and management styles and expectations
  • Practical techniques for communicating and building relationships with Indian partners

"The course was very well delivered and interactive and felt relevant to my personal needs given my level of interaction with the teams to date. I was engaged throughout and there was dedicated time to ask questions"

John Paul Page, Operations Director, Civica


  • Insights into India: old and new, regional diversity, religion and beliefs
  • Core Indian values and their impact on business: community: innovation, status and face
  • Management styles and approaches
  • Projects, planning and commitment
  • Building relationships face-to-face and at a distance
  • Indian communication styles
  • Developing cultural intelligence

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  • Location London
  • Location Your Office
  • Group Size Max 12
  • Course Duration Min duration: 3 hours
  • Bespoke Course Price Bespoke: