Working with the Japanese

Our Japanese-focused intercultural training will help you to build successful relationships with Japanese colleagues and partners.  You will increase your understanding of Japanese business culture and learn how to develop long-lasting relationships.

Who’s it for? 

Working with the Japanese is for anyone working on the ground in Japan, for a Japanese-owned organisation at home or managing remote relationships with Japanese colleagues or partners.


  • Up-to-date knowledge of the Japanese business context
  • Increased understanding of Japanese values, attitudes and behaviours
  • Greater awareness of Japanese working and management styles and expectations
  • Practical techniques for communicating and building relationships with Japanese partners

"There were some brilliant revelations that can be utilised immediately."

Ed Holland, Project Manager, Burgopak Ltd.
  • Insights into Japan: historical, political and economic influences
  • Understanding the Japanese mindset:consensus harmony, honour and face
  • Japanese business culture and working preferences
  • Management styles and expectations
  • Communicating with the Japanese: decoding unspoken signals
  • Nuances of Japanese social and business etiquette
  • Developing cultural intelligence

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  • Location London
  • Location Your Office
  • Group Size Max 12
  • Course Duration Min duration: 3 hours
  • Bespoke Course Price Bespoke: On request

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