Professional Writing Skills

Improve your ability to produce accurate, clear and reader-friendly written communication on our Professional Writing Skills course. You will learn how to structure your documents and develop practical writing techniques to enable you to produce clear and effective written business communication for your reports, proposals, emails or other professional documents.

Who’s it for? 

Professional Writing Skills is for anyone who produces written communication at work whether admin staff, researchers, customer service professionals or auditors.


  • A clear process for producing effective written business communication
  • Practical techniques for writing clearly and concisely
  • A checklist for editing and proof reading your own writing
  • A structure that will ensure your message gets read

"The course was very useful in reminding us of the need to be concise and think about the reader."

Catherine Simes, Office Assistant, FAO


  • Audience analysis: who is your reader?
  • Planning and structure: for emails, reports and proposals
  • Techniques for writing briefly and clearly
  • Grammar and punctuation refresher
  • Editing and proof-reading skills
  • Live writing practice and feedback

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