Cross-Cultural Team Building

If you want to bring your team together to strengthen relationships, agree best practice communication and explore how to work effectively together, this course is for you. You will learn how to recognise and respond to culturally different perceptions, expectations and preferences and practical protocols and processes for working in a diverse team.

Who’s it for? 

Cross-Cultural Team Building is for any global, cross-functional or multicultural team, co-located or virtual.


  • A cultural framework for recognising behavioural differences and synergies
  • A greater understanding of individual and team strengthsCommunication skills for linguistic and cultural challenges
  • Strategies for building relationships and trust across cultures
  • Tips on how to provide support, influence others, manage conflict and reach agreement
  • A new team charter with agreed ways of working together

"The cross-cultural seminar was an inspiring start to our programme and helpful in making us aware of the intercultural challenges we face."

Ornulf Daler, Lecturer and Programme Co-ordinator, BI Norwegian Business School


  • Perceptions, judgements and stereotypes
  • Team mission and goals
  • Cross-cultural working style and preferences
  • Relationship makers and breakers, building trust
  • Developing cross-cultural communication skills
  • Creating a team charter and action plan

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  • Location London
  • Location Your Office
  • Group Size Max 12
  • Course Duration Min duration: 1 day
  • Bespoke Course Price Bespoke: on request