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Are you an open-minded and curious Gen-Z individual (aged 15-17)? Are you enthusiastic about finding your way in today’s fascinating world? Would you like to take your English to the next level? Then look no further!

Our transformative programmes perfectly mix English language training with a focus on real-world skills, so you’re set to succeed in professional life. You will develop the tools and mindset necessary to make a positive impact in society. You’ll see how the issues we face are all connected and how there’s power in working together to solve them.

Choose from 3 Innovative Courses

Our courses are built to engage and challenge you by putting you at the centre of everything. Our trainers ensure this with a fun, dynamic and focused course.

You will attend talks from empowering guest speakers and go on exciting excursions. Studying in teams with other students from around the world will build your confidence when speaking English.


For future Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Project Managers, Sales Leaders, Executives

This course gives you the opportunity to discover what a career in business really looks and feels like.

You will explore what makes a successful entrepreneur, how to turn a great idea into reality, and get valuable experience in dealing with the practical challenges you may face along the way.
This isn’t your standard classroom – prepare for a whole new experience! In small project teams, you will work towards pitching an exciting new business idea in your first week and develop it further in your
second week in an engaging Business Challenge environment. You will attend talks from inspirational and empowering guest speakers and go on visits to London-based companies. These will give you a
first-hand look into the real world of business and help you consider the right path for your future.


• Business or Bust: What does it take to really run a business?
• Elevator Pitches: Electively pitch your business ideas
• Attracting an Audience: Marketing for the next generation
• Mastering the Language of Business
• Building Teams & Company Culture
• Checks & Balance: The art of budgeting

Skills you will learn: 
Building Business Cases | Teamwork | Presentation & Speaking Skills | Developing a Product Pitch | Project Management | Financial Planning | Risk Analysis

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For future Entrepreneurs, Innovators, Project Managers, Sales Leaders, Executives

If you want to see change in the world, then this course will give you the skills you need to make that change happen.

The course aims to build on your passion and motivation, giving you the opportunity to challenge the way things are now and present your perspective with confidence and authority.

You will work towards a Change Maker Challenge based on the UN Sustainability Goals in your first week and develop it further in your second week in an exciting team project environment. You will also have the opportunity to attend talks from inspirational and empowering guest speakers and go on a visit to the Houses of Parliament in London. These will give you a first-hand look into howlaws are made and change is realised.


• The Time is Now: Making sustainable choices
• Finding Your Voice: Being taken seriously
• Strategic Thinking: Campaigning for a cause
• Problem Solved: Pitch your solutions
• A.I. and Humans: Friends or foes
• Different Perspectives: Law, society, humans and technology

Skills you will learn: Identifying Global Challenges & Finding Solutions | Understanding Sustainability Goals | Teamwork | Active Citizenship | Championing Global Causes | Public Speaking

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For future Content Creators, Journalists, Creative Marketers, Brand Ambassadors

The media – especially social media – is the most important soft power in the world today. In partnership with the world-famous British Film Institute (BFI), this course is designed to help you explore the full potential of this soft power.

You will first learn how to develop skills to maximise your influence and share your story. You will then be out and about in London filming and producing a short film to be shown in the BFI theatre.

• Once Upon A Time: What’s your story?
• Channel Your Inner Director: Prepare for a film shoot
• Lights, Camera, Action: Film and edit your story
• Curtain Up: Premiere your film at the BFI
• The Ethics Of It All: Privacy and surveillance
• 3 Fine Lines: Fake news, free speech and fame
• Humans & Machines: Technology for storytelling

Skills you will learn: Understanding Your Digital Footprint | Critical & Reflective Analysis | Personal Branding | Digital Media Channels | Filming, Editing & Storytelling

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The student accommodation is close by at International Hall.

Comfortable, light rooms on single-gender corridors, a home away from home to study and make friends.

A space with a games room and comfortable indoor and outdoor spaces to take meals and socialise.

Discover London

Study at the Prestigious University of London, taking place in Senate House, an icononic and historic building (its so grand, even blockbuster movies are filmed there). In addition, it has royal connections...Queen Elisabeth II received two honorary degrees in this building.

Students work together in teams in the classroom, debate in the courtroom and enjoy immersive experiences on location across the capital

The programme gives you the opportunity to discover what a career in business really looks and feels like. A perfect setting for a truly memorable two weeks! Develop lifelong friendships, then celebrate in a graduation ceremony at the end of the course.

All in the heart of central london, where you will have the opportunity to visit markets, enjoy a west end show, take in the sights by boat, experience a world-class city and business hub.

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