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5 tips to improve your listening

Listen to music and read the lyrics

Listening to English music is a fun and effective way to improve your listening skills.

Choose songs you like and listen to them several times, paying attention to the words and trying to understand the meaning of the lyrics. Make it easier by printing the lyrics and follow while listening to the music, marking the words or sentences you don't know.

Later you will see how many new words and idiomatic expressions you have learned, but you will also be able to understand the song and sing along!

Watch movies and series in the original language.

Watching what you like in the original language is a great way to learn.

Add subtitles in the original language to listen and read at the same time is a great way to learn - You’ll be practicing listening, speaking and even grammar all at once!

Listen to podcasts

Although podcasts don't allow you to add subtitles, they can help you by making you rely only on your hearing, which makes you pay extra attention. 

In addition, you can change the playback speed of the audio, which often allows you to better identify some words and sentences.

It is recommended to pick topics of interest, including professional themes: a double gain when using English to boost your career!


Start by selecting a content that is interesting and appropriate for your level of English. Listen to it several times to become familiar with the content, and write down what you hear, word for word, using a pen and paper or transcription software. 

Pay attention to punctuation, and make educated guesses based on the context if you need clarification on a word or phrase. Take breaks to avoid getting tired and losing concentration, and check your work for errors and accuracy. 

Listen to the content again while reading your transcription to ensure it is correct, and use a dictionary or online resource to check the spelling and meaning of any unfamiliar words. Practice transcribing different videos or audios to improve your skills and overall proficiency in the English language.

Focus what is familiar to you

If you're a beginner learner, you may often need to stop to understand unfamiliar words or those you've seen before but can't remember the meaning of.

In such situations, it's essential to focus on what you already know. This will enable you to understand what is being said in a general sense by using your existing knowledge.

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