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Business & Professional English 25+ 
This course is for experienced professionals. It will allow you to work more effectively in English-speaking and international professional environments.
English For Human Resources
Gain the confidence to use English accurately and effectively in HR roles, enhancing your ability to manage and communicate within the workplace.
English for Banking & Finance
English for Banking & Finance covers the business English and practical skills you will need to work in the finance industry. You will develop your confidence and abilities in key areas such as industry research, delivering presentations, analysing financial reports, and writing formal correspondence
Individual English Training 
Receive personalised coaching to address your unique language needs, improving your confidence and performance in professional contexts.
Combination: Business & Professional English 25+ plus Individual Training 
Achieve faster language improvement with a mix of group and personalized one-on-one training, tailored to your specific needs.
Voice and Accent Training

Individual classes to help you Improve your accent and voice clarity for more powerful presentations and public speaking engagements.
Business English Online
A six-month online course which helps you develop key business communication skills through a flexible, six-month online course accessible 24/7 from any device

Our course have a high nationality mix. In 2024 alone we have welcomed students from 35 different nationalities to our business courses and in 2023 our school welcomed students from 92 different nationalities

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“Best way to improve your Business English! – Absolutely loved the exceptional teaching quality and delightful experience at this fantastic language school. Thank you so much for this enjoyable and memorable time!”

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'On Demand' Courses


Corporate English Training 

Enhance your team’s communication skills through customized training, leading to better collaboration and increased productivity.
Intercultural Training
Intercultural courses in effective international communication and leadership include international presentation skills, international negotiation skills, global leadership skills and more
English for Specific Purposes
English for your industry and profession, for example, banking & finance; insurance; sales; oil & gas; engineering; and aviation. Content is customised to you.

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English Courses for Professionals

Our professional English courses are perfect for enhancing your career. They are intensive, dynamic, and skills-based, designed to meet the needs of professionals at any level. Our experienced trainers customise the lessons to reflect your business needs, ensuring you gain the confidence and skills to use English effectively in essential professional contexts. Whether you work in HR, finance, or need to improve your presentation skills, we have a course for you. Book a free 15-minute consultation to find the right course for you.

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From Software Engineers to Senior Strategists, Diplomats to Design Consultants, our courses cater to every career. Whatever your position or path, we’ve got the perfect program to sharpen your skills and spark your success.