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Enhance your legal expertise with specialized English courses designed for legal professionals,

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Legal English 20-30

This four-week course is for newly-qualified lawyers and law students to give them the legal language skills they will need for their careers. The course includes a visit to the law courts such as The Royal Courts of Justice or the Supreme Court.

Advanced TOLES Exam Preparation

This course prepares candidates for the TOLES (Test of Legal English Skills) examination. The course is suitable for lawyers of any age or experience.

Legal English 30+

This one-week course is for qualified, experienced commercial lawyers from law firms or the corporate sector who have a  good level of English and want to work effectively in an international setting.

Legal English Online

This six-month Legal English course online covers 400 words and legal terms frequently used by legal professionals. Practice exercises help you learn the meaning, spelling and pronunciation.

Our course have a high nationality mix. In 2024 alone we have welcomed students from 35 different nationalities to our business courses and in 2023 our school welcomed students from 92 different nationalities

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Legal English Courses

Our legal English courses are designed to boost your career in law. They are intensive, dynamic, and focused on practical skills, tailored for legal professionals at any level. Our experienced trainers customize the lessons to meet your specific legal needs, ensuring you gain the confidence and skills to use English effectively in various legal contexts. Whether you need to master legal terminology, improve your courtroom communication, or prepare for the TOLES exam, we have the right course for you. Book a free 15-minute consultation to find the perfect course for your needs.

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From Junior Associates to Senior Partners, Corporate Lawyers to Criminal Defence Lawyers, our courses cater to every legal career. Whatever your position or specialisation, we have the perfect program to enhance your skills and elevate your success.