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Business People: Marcin Jakubowski

Here is Heather's series of blog post part 2 - Business People: Marcin Jakubowski

Hello again, I’m going to talk about someone else in business that I admire and the website where he presents his ideas.  Marcin Jakubowski may not consider himself a businessman in the usual sense but he’s certainly inspirational and innovative.  I first came across him on TED, a brilliant website that is not only educational but can also really help you to improve your English.

So, what is TED? This is a website started in 1996 to enable the world’s most inspiring thinkers and visionaries to spread their ideas easily on screen, hence the strapline, ‘ideas worth spreading’.  So, what’s Marcin Jakubowski's story and what ideas does he have to share with the world?  Well, he explains that after getting a Ph.D in fusion physics, he felt that he would rather do something more practical so he went into farming.  However, it was not the simple back to nature experience he’d hoped for and he soon ran out of money due to the fact that the machinery and basic tools he needed were just so expensive to buy and repair.  Marcin then started designing affordable, robust tools himself and publishing the 3D designs.  He was contacted and visited by like-minded people and together they are currently producing open-source blueprints for farming tools for his organisation, Open Source Ecology.  I admire him greatly as he is one of life doers and his vision is amazing, to effectively have a civilization starter kit on a DVD, love it! To hear his talk click here.

The great thing about TED is that there are talks to interest everyone and there’s an interactive tape script so you can read at the same time if you wish.  Speakers range from politicians such as David Cameron to TV chefs such as Jamie Oliver.  Please take a look, enjoy and let me know your favourite.

By Heather 


To spread - (v) to distribute over a larger area
To run out of - (phr. v) to use until the supply has gone
Robust - (adj) strongly built
Like-minded - (adj) having a similar or identical opinion

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