Eruption Disruption Continues

Travel disruption to UK airports continued all weekend and planes are now grounded until 1.00 pm Tuesday 20th April, although this may change again depending on the situation. There have been no flights in or out of the UK since last Thursday and experts don't know exactly when they will allow planes to take off again.

The volcano in Iceland is still erupting and sending volcanic ash into the air which is then being blown by winds over the UK and much of mainland Europe. It's extremely hard for scientists to predict when the airspace in the UK will be safe again or when the volcano will stop erupting so the travel chaos is set to continue for a few days.

If you are planning to fly in or out of the UK visitThe British Airports Authoritywebsite. for details, alternatively you can find lots of information on the volcano and the travel disruption on theBBC website. If you are worried about visiting the school please contact us on +44207 605 4123 (Holland Park Gardens) +44 208 563 6501 (Westcroft Square). If you are fortunate enough to be on holiday abroad make the most of the situation as it looks like you will have an extra long break before you are able to return to the UK.

disruption- ndifficulty in things continuing in the normal or planned way

groundedadj. see previous post

eruptv to eject matter from a volcano

chaos- n a state of total confusion or disorder

ash-n the powder that's left after burning

fortunateadj. lucky

make the most ofexp. to use or do something so you get the greatest advantage

ByBen Butler

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