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Join us for Christmas Jumper Day!

In the UK people often get lots of presents from Father Christmas, but as the British pop sensation Cliff Richard points out in his hit single, Christmas is also “a time for giving”. Traditionally, Christmas is the season of goodwill and so who better to help than deprived children all over the world?

Here is a blog post written by one of our trainer Claudia.

On Friday 14th December The London School of English is taking part in this year’s Christmas Jumper Day for Save the Children.

We’re inviting everyone at school to wear a Christmas jumper for the day and donate £5 to help support Save the Children’s life-saving work.

What is Save the Children?

Save the Children is a registered charity which works in 120 countries. The charity works to save children’s lives, protect their rights and help them to fulfil their potential.

What is Christmas Jumper Day?

Christmas Jumper Day is a national event which will raise money to help the world’s poorest kids. From school books and classrooms, to mosquito nets and life-saving vaccines, our festive fundraising will help the children who need it most. 

What do you have to do?

Just wear any kind of Christmas jumper or top to school and make a donation to this worthwhile cause at school on Friday 14th December. We suggest a minimum donation of £5 per person, but if you would like to donate more then that would be absolutely fantastic. All the money we raise will go directly to Save the Children.

You can ask to borrow a jumper from a friend or (host) family member, buy a cheap plain jumper and decorate it yourself (look out for details of jumper decorating on the social programme) or buy that designer festive sweater you’ve had your eye on! It doesn’t matter how crazy (or cool) you look – it’s all good festive fun!

And if you really can’t find anything to wear, bring in a Santa hat or some tinsel. Anything Christmas-related will do J

We really hope you’ll join in and have a very enjoyable Christmas jumper day knowing that you are also making a difference to a child’s life.

Make the world better with a sweater!

Find out more about Christmas Jumper Day at savethechildren.org.uk/jumpers

By Claudia Edwards


a pop sensation (n.) -  a singer who becomes very famous and people are excited about

point out (phr. v.) - to tell someone something that they may not have thought about

a hit single (n) - a popular song

the season of goodwill (phr.) -  a time period in which people should be kind and helpful to each other

deprived (adj.) - not having things that you need for a comfortable, safe and happy life

taking part in (phr. v) - join or participate in

donate (v.) -  to give something to an organisation to help someone

a registered charity (n.) - a charity is an organisation that helps the public. It doesn’t make a private profit. If the charity is registered it means that an independent government says it is official so we can trust it.

rights (n.) - things that you are legally and morally allowed to do

to fulfil their potential (phr.) -  succeed as well as they possibly can

to raise money (col.) -  collect money for something

vaccines (n.) - something that protects people from dangerous diseases

festive fundraising (n): festive means relating to Christmas and celebration and fundraising means collecting money for a charity

to make a donation (col.) - this means giving money to help someone

a worthwhile cause (phr.) - an important, useful and good organisation that people help and support

plain (adj.) - with nothing added to it

to decorate (v.) - make something look more attractive by putting things on it

designer (adj) - made by a famous and fashionable designer

sweater (n.) - a word for a warm jumper

to have you eye on something (phr.) -  to want something that you have seen

tinsel (n) - shiny paper decoration we use at Christmas

to make a difference (col.) - doing something that helps other people

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