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Learn English in London

The London School of English often uses the great city we are in as a classroom, with trips to various museums, galleries and areas of interest. In this week’s post, our trainer Mini tells us about her experience of a recent lesson with her Intensive General English class in Soho, one of London’s most exciting areas.

In the short amount of time that I have been working here I’ve had to learn a lot of things and I’ve also been encouraged to try out new things! One of these was The London Language Experience (LLE). For those of you who don’t know about it, LLE is the brainchild of brothers James and Luke Vyner. These two teachers have created magical English lessons using the streets of London as the classroom and London’s history as the context for your language learning.

I love Soho and its past history of debauched hedonism and seedy characters so I decided to take my students to this vibrant and colourful corner of the city. On the day of the tour, we were all very excited and raring to go out on the streets of London! I was also a bit apprehensive as it was my first time on the LLE and I didn’t want to lose anybody…! We were very lucky as the weather was on our side and the sun stayed with us throughout our journey. 

Once on the tube we made sure our mp3s were all synchronized and I handed out the maps that showed the route we were about to follow. It took us about half an hour to get to Leicester Square followed by a 5 minute walk to the location of the start of our tour and there we were, ready for a bit of history! The narrator was easy to understand and even I learnt things about Soho that I did not know after 12 years living here! The tour took about half an hour and went off without a hitch.

The students loved the tour and Cecilia even went on to say that she had fallen in love with Soho. The tour finished in Soho Square and it gave students the opportunity to go and interview people so they could practice their English in a real situation. Some were more nervous than others but in the end they all talked to strangers and got their interviews done! Junbum, Begona and Sabrina interviewed a retired English teacher and Cecilia, Silvia and Katrin a lawyer!

All in all, the experience was great and the students had a lovely time learning about London’s history as well as practising their English! 

By Mini

Enjoyed this blog? Also watch a video on Mini’s trip to Soho!


encouraged (v) – to inspire or stimulate somebody to do something
brainchild (n) – someone’s original and creative idea or invention
debauched (adj) – immoral
hedonism (n) – indulgence in pleasures
seedy (adj) – with bad reputation
vibrant (adj) – full of energy and life
raring to go (fixed exp) – to be ready and excited to begin doing something
apprehensive (adj) – anxious, fearful
on our side (fixed exp) – something that helps you to achieve what you want
went off without a hitch (fixed exp) – it happened without problems

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