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Let it snow - London is hit by Snow

So this morning London has been hit with the first heavy snowfall of the winter. Most students have made it to class today, although some arrived late as the blizzard has caused problems on the roads, buses and trains. The snow and the travel disruption look set to continue this evening and as a result lots of people are trying to leave work early.

The big freeze is set to continue for a few more days and temperatures are not expected to rise much above zero. The overnight temperature was -3 in London and this means the streets and pavements are quite icy today. In fact, it has been so cold that many primary and high schools have had to close because teachers and pupils were unable to get to class and the central heating systems packed up. Fortunately, a lot of the teachers at the London School of English live quite close to the two London schools and because our homestay families are quite near, the students have been able to come and both of our centres have remained open.

 Personally, I really enjoy the snow. It makes everything look pretty and adds some excitement to the city because it doesn't snow here very often. It annoys me a bit when the snow begins to thaw though, because it turns to horrible brown slush and then makes the city look dirty. If you're planning to visit London or the school in the near future, make sure you bring some warm clothes and some sensible footwear. Hopefully, this will be the last of the really cold winter weather and in a month or so, we can begin to look forward to the spring when the temperature will rise and the daylight hours will get longer.

By Ben


to be hit by heavy snow (ph.) - be affected by lots of snow falling and staying on the ground.

blizzard (n.) – a strong heavy snowstorm

travel disruption (col.)– delays problems travelling on buses, trains and roads

the big freeze (phr.) - a period of extremely cold weather

the central heating systems packed up - the systems that heat houses by using radiators stopped working

to thaw - the snow starts to melt and turn to water.

brown slush - partially melted snow that has become dirty and turned brown

sensible footwear - suitable shoes, boots etc to deal with certain conditions

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