Passive Verb Forms Part 2

A few weeks ago I wrote a post about passive verb forms which included an exercise in which you had to read an article about Michael Jackson, find the passive forms, identity the tense for each one and then decide why the passive is used in each case. Doing this exercise should give you a clear understanding of how and why passive structures are used in English.

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Below you will see a table in which I explain the passive sentences which were used in the article about Michael Jackson. This table will explain which tense each sentence is in, and why the passive is used in each case:

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Why is the passive used?






Paramedics were called to the singer’s Beverly Hills home



Past simple


It is not important/we don’t know who called the paramedics






He was pronounced dead



Past simple


It’s obvious that doctors at the hospital pronounced him dead







Jackson had been due to perform a series of comeback concerts




Past perfect


Actually, it is impossible to put this sentence in an active form. To be due to do something is just a fixed passive expression







He is believed to have suffered a cardiac arrest



Present simple


Obviously, doctors/experts/journalists believe this







Jackson’s body was flown



Past simple


We don’t know/it’s unimportant/obvious who flew the plane – and the story is all about Jackson’s body.







a post-mortem was carried out



Past simple


Obviously, doctors carried out the post mortem







The results have not yet been published.



Present perfect


We don’t know/it’s not important/it’s obvious who publish the reports. Doctors or lawyers or something…






Concerns over Michael’s health were raised last month


Past simple


We don’t know – just that people were concerned. Putting the concern at the beginning (as a noun) is better than saying ‘people were concerned’ – the important thing is the concern, not the people.







four of Jackson’s planned comeback concerts were postponed


Past simple


Obviously, they were postponed by Jackson’s managers & promotors









the dates had been moved



Past perfect


Again, we know who moved them – it was his managers


I hope this post has helped you to understand passives a bit more. Remember, if you have any questions about passive verb forms, just add a comment below!


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