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Skype English Lessons: 10 Tips for English Learners

Many busy learners choose to learn English with us via Skype and there is an increasing demand for this kind of learning due to its flexibility and ability to focus on individual needs.

Here our trainer Janet gives her advice on how to get the most from your Skype English lessons:

1)  Think carefully about what you’d like to study, so your trainer can prepare a syllabus. 

2)  Become familiar and relaxed with the technology.

3)  Make sure the room is well-lit and you have all your learning resources to hand.

4)  Make yourself comfortable, relax and be yourself - it’s not a job interview! 

5)  Your trainer can use the Instant Messaging (IM) function to give you information such as vocabulary, grammar explanations and corrections.  You can then copy and paste these notes and refer back to them as and when necessary.

6)  You can also ask your trainer questions via IM.

7)  Review your previous lesson shortly beforehand.

8)  Presentations: For presentations practice, you can screen-share your presentation slides as you speak.

 9)  Exams: If you’re preparing a Cambridge exam such as IELTS, email your teacher some samples of your writing before the lesson.  For reading, underline your answers in the text and if you can, scan it in and send it to your trainer.

10)  Voice & Accent training: Familiarise yourself with the sounds of English using the free British Council phonemic chart app: http://www.teachingenglish.org.uk/article/phonemic-chart, and make a note of any sounds that you’d like to practice with your trainer.

I hope these tips help you to make the most of your Skype classes!  We’d love to hear your tips too.

By Laura Stamps  with thanks to Janet for the excellent advice



ambiguity (n.) – when there are two contradictory interpretations of a text

beforehand (adv.) – before (‘I booked a room beforehand.’, not ‘I booked a room beforehand going there’)

familiarise (adj.) – become familiar with something, deliberately get used to it

sample (n.) – a typical piece of something

well-lit (adj.) – with plenty of lighting


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