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The Olympics London 2012

With only 120 days until The London 2012 Olympic Games begins, I thought I’d write a blog post to provide a heads-up on what is happening.

The London 2012 Olympics will be the 27th time the modern Olympics has been held and it promises to be the biggest and best event yet. The British Prime Minister David Cameron promised yesterday to deliver ‘the greatest show on Earth’ to the British public and the global audience. The International Olympic Committee is in London to check on the progress of the games and to see if everything is going according to plan for what could be a fantastic sporting festival. The Committee has been very complimentary about the progress and the plans for the Games and has said that, "London has raised the bar on how to deliver a lasting legacy”.

The total cost of hosting the games is set to be roughly £ 9.3 billion which some of the British public are not happy about, particularly in such difficult economic times, but overall there is a feeling of excitement and anticipation from the British public. The opening ceremony will take place in the brand new Olympic stadium built in Stratford in East London. The idea is that locating the stadium there will help to regenerate an area of London which is currently a bit run-down. There has been a lot of investment in transport infrastructure and a large Olympic park has been built around the stadium which will attract visitors who want to watch events on the big screens in a festival atmosphere. In fact lots of cultural events have been planned from June to September (when The Para-Olympics ends) in celebration of The Olympics and The Queen’s Diamond Jubilee which marks her 60th year on the throne and figurehead of Britain.

All in all it promises to be a very exciting summer in London and as a Londoner myself I’m really looking forward to it. What better time is there to come to London than this summer to enjoy some of the cultural events and the largest sporting event ever to be held? You could even learn some English while you are here. I’ll write some further posts on The Olympics soon.

By Ben


heads-up - (n.) information that will prepare you for something

audience - (n.) the group of people who watch a public event

to see if everything is going according to plan - (exp.) to check if the plan is happenning as it should be

complimentary - (adj.) saying something positive to show you respect someone or something

to raise the bar  (v. phr.) to improve the standard of something

legacy - (n.) someting that exists as a result of something that happenned earlier

anticipation - (n.) a feeling of expecting something to happen

to regenerate - (v.) to make someting develop and grow strong again

run-down - (adj.) in a poor or bad condition

on the throne - (phr.) being in the position of power held by the KIng or Queen

figurehead - (n.) someone who seems to be the leader of a country or organisation but who deosn't really have that much power

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