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The Social Programme: Ice Skating

At both of our schools we run a number of social events which give our students the opportunity to get to know each other better, have some fun and practise their English outside the classroom. There is always a member of staff present at all events, and this week Howard went ice-skating. Here’s his take on the night.

On Tuesday I took the students to the local ice rink near the school.  We had about 20 people from as far flung places as Brazil, Saudi Arabia and Angola.

Many of the students had never ice skated before and were learning from scratch.  I think some of them took a bit of time to get used to it but after a while everybody was skating around happily.

The event turned out to be highly successful though.  Firstly the students practised their English with each other and the teacher and then the skating helped them to bond with each other and by the end all of them had made new friends.

Some of the comments made by the students included “what a great way to spend the evening” and “I managed to practise my English and make new friends at the same time - a wonderful night.”

I do loads of events for the school including playing footie every week, pub tours and guided walks around London. I’m also always open to new ideas from students. This was one of many successful social events organised by The London School of English.

By Howard

someone’s take on something – (fixed expression) someone's opinion or account of something

far flung places – (idiom) distant places

to learn from scratch – (idiom) learn from nothing

get used to – (verb pattern) become accustomed to

turned out – (phr.v) the result

loads of - (n.+prep.) lots of informal

footie – (n.) football informal

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