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Words you wish you'd known before!

Hello! This week I want to check that you’ve remembered and understood the adjectives for people from my last two posts. So, have a look at the words below and choose the best set of synonyms for them:

  • Cheeky
  • Dizzy
  • Dodgy
  • Flaky
  • Hard
  • Oily
  • Rough
  • Smooth
  • Soft
  • Thick
  • Wet

1)  aggressive, strong

2)  dirty, dangerous, poor quality, slightly illegal, best avoided

3)  elegant, charming, insincere

4)  emotional, silly

5)  rude, disrespectful, funny

6)  stupid

7)  weak, passive, unenergetic

8)  unattractive, charmless, impolite

9)  unreliable, silly

10)  very smooth, insincere

11)  very unreliable

Here are some examples if you need more help!


My neighbour’s kids are really cheeky – they always pull faces when they see me or my husband.

My friend is really dizzy – last year she turned up to my birthday party on the wrong day!

‘That man looks really dodgy – I think he’s drunk and his clothes are really dirty.’

One of my friends is so flaky – if I’ve arranged to meet him I’m surprised if he actually comes!

Everyone thinks my brother’s hard because he’s really tall and serious.  Actually he would do anything to avoid a fight.  Once he cried at a romantic film, so I know that he’s quite soft.


Laura:  Emma’s new boyfriend is very smooth, isn’t he?  Always polite and well-dressed.

Kirsty:  Actually, I think he’s a bit oily.  He always wants to show how much money he has, and I’ve often noticed him chatting up other women.

My sister looked really rough when she got back from travelling.  She hadn’t had a haircut for months and probably hadn’t washed for days.

I took a listening test yesterday but I only got 10%.  I felt really thick!

Our cousin was so wet when we were kids!  She never wanted to do any sport and she always used to cry if we said anything mean to her.

Ok, I’ll put the answers in the comments box by the end of the week! 

By Laura


to pull faces (exp.) - to make a strange facial expression in order to be funny or rude to someone

to turn up (phr.v.) - to arrive

mean (adj.) - unkind

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