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Becoming a homestay host

We are always looking for new hosts that can provide high quality accommodation in private, welcoming homes. We specifically want well-appointed rooms with adequate space for studying and working from a laptop, with easy access to a private or shared bathroom. 

Hosts need to welcome the student into their home as a guest, rather than a lodger. Students that choose to stay in homestay are looking for more than just a room to sleep and study in.

We are particularly keen on recruiting hosts with the following post codes: W2, W4, W6, W8, W10, W11, W12 and W14.

Accommodation types

Our students are offered two types of homestay accommodation:

All rooms must have

  • a table or desk large enough for studying, plus a chair
  • a wardrobe
  • a chest of drawers or drawers in the wardrobe
  • a mirror
  • good lighting - ideally with good natural light
  • a comfortable bed, bedside table and lamp
  • central heating
  • wireless broadband internet
  • space for a suitcase

Silver Homestay

This means a well appointed room with easy access to a shared bathroom. We offer students various meal options, these include bed and breakfast, three dinners a week, or half board. 

Gold Homestay

This means a well appointed room with easy access to a private bathroom. We offer students various meal options, these include bed and breakfast or three dinners a week.

What do our clients expect from their homestay experience?

The most important thing is that they feel welcomed and part of the household. Our clients are only here for a short time and will form an impression relatively quickly. In addition to the above they will expect: 

  • A friendly welcome, with explanations of how to use things in the house and the best way to get to school.
  • To be integrated into your home life and also into British culture. Helping, assisting, supporting and welcoming them as a family member.
  • To be happy and able to answer any questions students may have relating to the history and culture of Britain.
  • Students will be looking to experience the British way of life, so hosts should be able to provide them with such an experience.
  • Information about local shops, restaurants, pubs and other facilities.
  • Advice or help if they have problems.
  • Facilities to do their washing and ironing - the host is expected to offer one wash per week for them.
  • Breakfast every day.
  • Evening meals according to the type of booking you have accepted.
  • An occasional evening meal by arrangement. Your guest may not have taken a booking that included evening meals and they may wish to join you for one or two meals. In these instances they should offer you £13 directly.
  • Sheets and towels (laundered once a week).
  • A warm and comfortable home where they can feel free to read a newspaper in the reception room or use the kitchen to make a sandwich or have a coffee when they feel like it. They will, of course, buy their own sandwich fillers if they have not taken a meal option with you.
  • Facilities for a bath or shower every day.
  • The opportunity to receive telephone calls (within reasonable hours). Nowadays, though, it is quite normal for course participants to have their own mobile phones and a Skype account to make calls over the internet.
  • The opportunity to watch TV either in their rooms or in the household TV room. 

What can you expect from your guest?

We ask guests:

  • To be considerate and remember that they are staying in someone's home, and not in a hotel.
  • Not to smoke in your home. You may have some house rules about this which you can discuss with your guest.
  • To be considerate if they decide to come home after 10.30pm, when other people in the house may already be asleep.
  • To close the front door properly when they return, and be sure to lock doors and windows whenever they go out.
  • To turn off lights and any portable heating when they leave the house.
  • To be considerate when sharing the bathroom so that the rest of your family is not held up.
  • To keep the bathroom as tidy as possible, and to clean up after they use it.
  • To keep their room reasonably tidy, so that it can be cleaned.
  • To pay hosts directly for any extra evening meals they have arranged.
  • To make sure their family and friends do not telephone early in the morning or late at night and to keep their calls as short as possible so your line is not blocked for long periods.
  • To let you know if their plans change during the day - for example letting you know that they are going to be home late and not there for dinner.
  • To let you know that they are going to be out all night so that you may lock the front door and not worry about their whereabouts.
  • To respect your privacy when appropriate, so that you can also lead your own lives. You are not expected to be around for them all the time.


We are happy to work with all types of families but we do only accept families that are located up to 40 minutes from our centre.

If you are interested in becoming a host please contact us for further details, rates and an interview.

We can process your enquiry much quicker if you send us your postcode and pictures of the property via e-mail to:
[email protected].

If you meet our requirements we will send you an application form and arrange a home visit.