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Cambridge Linguaskill

You can take the Cambridge Linguaskill exam at The London School of English. Linguaskill is available as either General or Business English and both types are suitable for all levels of English.  

The test offers a convenient way for you to get an official certificate of your level from an internationally-recognised examining board.  

The test is modular, so you can choose which combination of language skills is right for your organisation. The three modules are: Reading and Listening, Speaking, and Writing.  You can take any combination of the modules or take all three. 

The London School of English is a Linguaskill test centre.

Cambridge Linguaskill prices: Reading and Listening – £35, Speaking – £35, Writing – £35, Bundle of all 4 skills – £80 

About the test 

Linguaskill is an online test. When you take the test at the London School of English, we will arrange a private room for you, and the equipment you need – a computer, with a headset for the speaking and listening. 

After you have taken the test, you will get a detailed test report results within 48 hours. This tells you your overall score and your score for each module using the CEFR level scale. In addition, the report tells you what each score means in terms of English language ability. View a pdf of an example test report on the Cambridge website.

Linguaskill General and Linguaskill business 

Linguaskill General: Linguaskill General tests language used in daily life. Test topics include studying and working, making future plans, travel and technology. 

Linguaskill Business: Linguaskill Business tests language used in a corporate setting. Test topics include the buying and selling of products or services, the office, business travel and human resources. 

Test modules 

Reading and Listening (60 – 85 minutes) 

The Reading and Listening module is adaptive: questions become easier or more difficult depending on your previous answer. This means you’ll never find the test too easy or too difficult. There are several different question types, including multiple choice and gap-fills that are based texts of different lengths. 

Speaking (15 minutes) 

You will use a microphone or headset to record your answers.  There are five questions, including answering questions about yourself, reading sentences aloud, and interpreting a diagram or chart, or information sheet. 

Writing (45 minutes) 

There are two parts. In the first part you will write a short answer, which is usually an email at least 50 words long and in the second part you will write a letter or report of at least 180 words. 

You can see detailed information about the question types on the Cambridge website, where there are also some useful practice materials

Taking the Linguaskill test at the London School of English 

The Linguaskill test is a great way to assess your level of English, find out your progress or show your English ability to your employer. The Linguaskill test is available to all clients at The London School of English. If you would like any further information, please contact us

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