Meet our Sales Team

Our Sales Managers help our clients find the right courses and services to meet their goals. We're happy to provide you with all the advice and information you require.

If you have any questions, or would like to become an agent of The London School of English, please contact our sales team. We are always happy to help you. The general phone number for the sales team is +44 (0)20 7605 4142 and the email address is

Director of Sales and Marketing

Jo Burns Image

Jo Burns

              +44 (0)20 7605 4174 

Speaks: English, French, Spanish
              (intermediate Russian and Italian)

“What makes The London School of English different? The level of client care and the focus on attention to detail is amazing here – trying our very hardest to make sure that every client has the best experience possible… and, of course, the lunches!”

Client Sales Managers

Rosie Ganne Image

Rosie Ganne

Areas:   Austria, Germany, Mongolia, Nepal, Chinese-speaking regions,
South-East Asia

               +44 (0)20 8563 6506

Speaks:  English
              (intermediate French)

“I love hearing stories about how studying here has really changed people’s lives, whether it’s by connecting with new people and opening doors to new opportunities, or by enabling them to progress to the next stage of their careers or education, or simply helping them to become more confident in how they communicate and interact with others.”

Porine Chhor Image

Porine Chhor

Areas:    Algeria, Andorra, Belgium, France, Lebanon, Lichtenstein, Morocco,
               Netherlands, Switzerland,  Tunisia

               +44 (0) 20 7605 4141

Speaks:  French, English, Spanish

“Here at The London School of English I've met wonderful people from various countries and professional backgrounds which makes this work interesting all year round.”

Tulio Althoff Image

Tulio Althoff

Areas   Latin America, Angola, Mozambique, Israel, Portugal, Spain

               +44 (0) 20 7605 4161

Speaks:  English, Portuguese, Spanish

“I love how we make a difference in our clients’ lives, making sure we create the best environment to enable them to progress in their English learning. Everyone who works here is very dedicated and truly believes in the school’s core values. Oh have I mentioned about the lunch yet? It’s amazing!”

Silvia Cupini Image

Silvia Cupini

Areas   Belarus, Czech Republic, Estonia, Hungary, Italy, Kazakhstan, Latvia,
               Lithuania, Moldova, Poland, Romania, 
Russia, Slovak Republic,

               +44 (0)20 7605 4165

Speaks: English, Italian

“The London School of English is like a big family! We share everything, we laugh, we play, and we help each other like siblings would. I have never worked in such great place.”

Head of CRM and Business Development

Faeza Afzal Image

Faeza Afzal

Areas   Middle East

               +44 (0) 20 7605 4129

Speaks:  English, Bengali

“For me, the best thing about working here is the people – from our trainers to admin staff, and our clients themselves - it is a pleasure and a gift to be surrounded by such dedicated people who are all working towards the common goal of allowing people to communicate more effectively and grow.”

Business Development Manager

Scott Bushell Image

Scott Bushell

Areas    Japan, South Korea, Turkey

               +44 (0)20 7605 4181

Speaks:  English

“At The London School of English, we don’t just teach language, we help non-native and native English speakers communicate better across cultures and help them forge stronger relationships.”

Sales Administrative Assistant

Natalia Patruno Image

Natalia Patruno


Speaks:  English, Italian


Alumni Relations Manager

Chris Newman Image

Chris Newman

               +44 (0)20 7605 4121

Speaks:   English, French, German

“The best thing about working here has to be 15 Holland Park Gardens: with its elegant reception and stained glass window, its wonderful, spacious restaurant, the terrace overlooking the tennis courts, and its tastefully modernised offices and training rooms, the school is housed in such a lovely building it's a pleasure just to come and work here every day.”


Annalisa Cozzani Image

Annalisa Cozzani


               +44 (0)20 7605 4124

Speaks:  English, Italian

               (intermediate Spanish and German)

"What I enjoy the most is that we help people from so many different backgrounds to communicate with others and achieve their goals, while making sure that they will have a memorable experience during their stay in the UK. When they thank us at the end of their course and when they come back I think we have also achieved our goal. The London School of English has been around for over 100 years with the same mission, and I am proud to say that we share the same values.”

Senior Digital Marketing Manager

Olga Podshibikhina Image

Olga Podshibikhina

               +44 (0)20 7605 4126

Speaks:  English, French, Russian

“I love working at the London School of English because of the people. The people here are all personable and warm and it makes it a safe and inspiring place to study, and it means people can make the most of their learning.”

Marketing Manager

Sarah Darwin Image

Sarah Darwin

               +44 (0)20 7605 4199

Speaks:  English, Mandarin

“The best thing about London School of English is our outstanding training staff. Every time I hear our clients talk about how impressed they are with their trainers, how useful their lessons have been, how pleased they are with their exam results, and how much their confidence has grown, I feel really proud to work here."


Marre Brunt Image

Marre Brunt


Speaks:  English, Dutch

“I love the fact that The London School of English helps people from all over the world to communicate with each other. There is a great atmosphere at The London School of English and we sincerely try to give our clients an experience they will never forget. I like working at The London School of English because everyone is very kind, helpful, professional and open-minded.”