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10 great ways to say 'I understand'

Showing empathy and understanding are keystones in building relationships, both professionally and socially. Whether you are receiving new information or in a negotiation, the words ‘I understand’ are powerful.  There are many ways to give people this reassurance.  Here are ten new ways for you to let people know that you are listening, that you understand what they mean and that you see their point of view.   

1.     To follow

Example: ‘Oh, yes, I follow you now’.  

2.     To get the point

Example: ‘I do get your point, I think you’re right’.   

3.     To get the picture

Example: ‘I need to get the full picture so I can explain it properly to the rest of the team’.   

4.     To catch on

Example: ‘She tends to catch on fairly quickly’.   

5.     To catch one’s drift

Example: ‘Don’t worry, I catch your drift’. 

6.     To grasp something

Example: ‘He usually grasps things quite easily’. 

7.     To get something

Example: ‘Sometimes it takes me a while to get something if it’s very technical’ 

8.     To get the idea

Example: ‘Yes, I get the idea’. 

9.     To see 

Example: ‘Yes, I see exactly what you mean’.

 10.    To catch/get the gist of something

Example: ‘I didn’t catch everything they said, but I caught the gist of what you said’.

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