BFI London Film festival

This year the BFI is hosting its 56th London Film Festival, where film fanatics can experience some Hollywood style glitz and glam, see their favourite celebrities and stay ahead of new releases.

Many thanks to our Guest Blogger Morag!

The festival runs from the 10th – 21st October during which time a broad range of genres, eras and styles will be explored. This includes ‘treasures’ from the archives, ‘shorts’ and ‘experimenta’.

HQ for this event is the BFI (British Film Institute) on South Bank, which shows films from all over the world, particularly critically acclaimed historical & specialised films that may not otherwise get a cinema showing. However, events for the festival are being held in cinemas all over the city.

The Opening Night Gala on Wednesday night showed London’s film elite at their best at the screening of Tim Burton’s animated film ‘Frankenweenie 3D’, which was well received. As with all celebrity events the London film festival culminates in an award ceremony where the best newcomers, directors and films are celebrated. This is topped off by the Closing Night Gala where a new adaptation of Dickens’ famous ‘Great Expectations’ will be screened, starring Ralph Fiennes and Helena Bonham Carter.

To see what’s on you can check out the BFI website

By Morag


HQ (n.) - Headquarters

critically acclaimed (exp.) - approved of and praised by critics

screening (n.) - a showing of a film

culminates (v.) - ends

topped off by (exp.) - the final touch that completes something

starring (v.) - if someone stars in a film they are the main actor

what’s on (exp.) - which films are being shown and when

check out (phr.v.) - look at

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