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Guest post: The language of moving forward

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This is a guest post by The London School of English, Nordic Region.

Language is a very powerful tool, particularly when it comes to negotiation. Positive communication helps to move things forward and to persuade people to leave entrenched positions. This applies not just in business and politics but all forms of communication where an impasse has been reached.  The following expressions can help you to escape gridlock and to make progress in meetings.

1. To move on/forward

Example: Let’s move on and try to build some momentum

2. To pave the way for change

Example: This idea could pave the way for change

3. To overcome an impasse

Example: We have a new strategy to overcome this impasse

4. To be open to new ideas

Example: I’m sure everyone in this room is open to new ideas

5. To try a new approach

Example: Why don’t we try a new approach?

6. To consider new alternatives

Example: There are several alternatives worth considering and exploring

7. To find /seek out a viable way forward

Example: We’re going to use this meeting to find a viable way forward

8. To bridge the gap

Example: We need to press ahead and bridge the gap

9. To take decisive steps

Example: Our goal today is to take decisive steps that will allow us to make progress

10. To reconcile differences

Example: There is enough goodwill to reconcile our differences

11.To reach a consensus on how to move forward

Example: Let’s have an open discussion so we can reach a consensus on how to move forward

12. To strike an agreement/deal

Example: We’ve made enough progress to strike a deal

13. To agree to compromise

Example: The best way forward is to agree to compromise on the remaining issues

14. To reach (non-divisive) agreement

Example: We are delighted to announce that we have reached agreement

15. To unite around a new vision

Example: Our proposal presents a new vision that I believe we can all unite around

16. To turn things around

Example: This latest development will enable us to turn things around

17. To give one’s support/full backing

Example: By giving this proposal our full support, we hope to create some forward motion

18. To encourage suggestions

Example: We encourage all constructive suggestions and will give them our full consideration

19. To throw your weight behind something

Example: It would really help influence the rest of the team if you would throw your weight behind this idea

20. To get a deal over the line

Example: Validating and affirming ideas can help to get a deal over the line

Good luck with your negotiations!

We hope you find these expressions helpful. If you need any assistance with your international communication, please don’t hesitate to contact us.

The London School of English, Nordic Region offers high quality English language training for motivated adults from all professional backgrounds. We give you the tools and skills you need to communicate successfully in your field of expertise and to expand your business and career opportunities. Call us on +46 8 5999 4000 or email us at [email protected] for more information about our tailored tuition or simply take our online test to check your English level.

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