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In the latest post in our on-going series on learning through technology, this week we’re taking a look at the new English Grammar in Use app, one of the most recognisable English language learning titles out there.

If you ask any English learner which grammar reference book they use, the majority would most likely say English Grammar in Use.  As a teacher, I am very familiar with this book as it is one of the most comprehensive grammar reference books available.  For the past 25 years, it’s been selling like hot cakes, making it one of the most instantly recognised books for learners of English.  The writer, Raymond Murphy, has become one of the best-known authors in English language teaching, largely as a result of his book.  And now there is an app.

The format is a familiar one.  Like the book, you choose an area of grammar to study and the app presents you with a choice: you can either look at the rules for that particular area, or you can dive into a set of exercises.  The interface is very simple, and the app keeps a record of what you have and haven’t studied.  This is useful, as according the apps publisher there are 306 activities and almost 3,000 questions to help you learn.  The app also lets you listen to sample sentences, so you can practise listening for pronunciation as well as brushing up on your grammar.

The app is available in three different levels: Essential Grammar in Use, English Grammar in Use and Advanced Grammar in Use for low, intermediate and higher level learners respectively.  Whatever your level of English is, the apps - like the books - are designed to meet your needs.  They’re available in the App Store, and at only £0.69, I would say they offer excellent value for money.

By Andy


on-going - (adj) continuing, still in progress

app - (n.) abbreviation for application

out there - (adv. phrase) available to use or buy

comprehensive - (adj.) very detailed or complete

to sell like hot cakes - (idiom) to be very popular

instantly recognised - (adv.+adj.) very familiar

largely - (adv.) mostly, mainly

dive into sth - (idiom) to start doing something immediately without any preparation or training

interface - (n.) the operating screen of a computer programme

to brush up on sth - (idiom) to improve your skills

respectively - (adv.) used to refer to previously mentioned things in the same order


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