Ten reasons to learn English online

English is useful! It is the most popular language on the internet, still the language of the business world and the official language of the United Nations and of the European Union. Fluency in English is very important for anyone who wants to work internationally. Listing English courses that you have mastered in your CV will help you stand out from the rest when applying for a job or seeking a promotion. With the right course material and the support of our experienced tutors, deciding to learn and improve your English online may be the best decision you make in 2020.  

So here are the reasons why you should consider learning English online:

1.    It is cheaper  

Of course we know that there is nothing like travelling somewhere to learn a language. What can be better staying in that country, immersing yourself in the culture, meeting the locals? What a fun way to learn English. This is an expensive luxury, however, and perhaps something we are only able to do once in a lifetime. The internet gives us much more affordable freedom, like the ability to find the right English course for you without the expense of travel and accommodation. Studying online also saves you having to take time out of your busy life to commit to class schedules. 

2.    You can start immediately 

The beauty of London School Online is that there is no need to wait until the next course starts. Your learning journey starts immediately. Get started! 

3.    You can study whenever you like 

Learning English online means that you can organise course work around your lifestyle. If you are committed to personal development while you are still working, you can do coursework in your spare time. You can learn any time that suits you, rather than trying to fit everything into a traditional ‘9 to 5’ day.  

Sometimes we fall ill, children catch nasty bugs, or you are asked to do more at work. With no fixed class schedules, you can take a break to meet other responsibilities and return to the lessons when you are able to, without missing out on anything you have paid for. 

4.    You can study wherever you like 

Hello Tokyo, this is London calling! Technology has opened up the world, which makes online learning exciting and accessible. You can arrange one-to-one tuition when and where it suits you, allowing you to invite our tutors in England into your world. Study in your favourite coffee shop, the park on a beautiful summer’s day: it’s all about flexibility and choosing the best learning environment for you. 

5.    You can choose what you’d like to work on 

On an online course, you decide what to study. While traditional classroom courses are “pushed” in that the teacher decides what to study or follows a syllabus, online courses allow you to “pull” the exercises and topics that are most relevant to you right now.  

Do you have a presentation in English next week that you’re nervous about? Go online and complete our module on presentation skills. Have a business meeting tomorrow? Refresh your skills with our module on the language of meetings.  

6.    You can decide how much you do  

Your individual needs are supported through learning English online and the pace that you work at, is entirely within your control. Working online means that there is no pressure to keep up with others. You have the freedom to work rapidly through the content that you are confident with and can spend more time on areas that you may find difficult. This stops you from feeling that that you are falling behind the class or waiting for others to catch up. We are all different after all, with our own strengths and weaknesses.  

7.    The content is constantly refreshed and up to date 

Technology makes the world move faster, and it allows us to constantly update our online course content, improving activities and adding in additional learning content. Our online courses offer much more up-to-date multi-media content than a traditional coursebook.   

8.    You’re spoilt for choice 

The online learning market is growing fast. Never has there been so much choice, with so much material available for free. Be careful to choose a reputable provider, with the right accreditation to give you peace of mind that the course you are studying has been created by experienced professionals.   

9.    The technology can enable you to learn more effectively and quickly 

Most online courses nowadays monitor the work you are doing and the progress you are making, adapting the level of challenge so that the time you spend online learning is more targeted and effective.  

10.  It’s greener  

All you need is an internet connection – choosing not to fly is a great choice for the environment. Climate change is becoming the issue of our times and many of us are making small changes to the way we live and act as consumers. This is a perfect choice if you are seeking a sustainable alternative. 

There’s never been a better time to learn English online. At London School Online we offer a range of self-paced courses as well as trainer-led Skype English lessons. To find out more and to try our platform for free, visit www.londonschoolonline.com.


Mastered – to achieve complete knowledge of a subject (like English) or an art (like Karate) 
Luxury – something expensive, that gives you pleasure, but is not necessary 
Once in a lifetime – an event or opportunity that is not likely to be repeated 
Personal development – taking steps to better yourself, for example by learning new skills 
Resolution – a firm decision to do something (or not!) 
Spoilt for choice – having a great many things of the same type to choose from 
Sustainable – to be able to continue something over a period of time, however in the context of climate change it is used to describe activity that causes little or no damage to the environment.  

See our essential glossary of verbs on positive Climate Actionhttps://www.londonschool.com/blog/essential-glossary-positive-climate-action/ 

Author bio  Natasha is a freelance writer with an interest in the arts and education. She spent the last two decades working at one of the UK’s National museums – the type of place that makes London such an incredible city to visit. Before life in London she worked as a feature writer at a lifestyle magazine and contributed to an assortment of magazines in South Africa. As a mum of two, nowadays she is most likely to be heard saying ‘please don’t sit on you brother’s head'.

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