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The Graham Norton Show

Do you believe in luck? Today, one of our trainers, Mary will share a story about how her luck changed!

I've never been lucky when it comes to winning things or getting them free; never have I had a winning lottery ticket (and yes, i have played...twice), a holiday (which my friend won a few years ago after calling a radio show!!) or even a free toy in a bag of cereal! But I think my luck is changing!

I have won, twice already, free tickets to the Graham Norton show, a talk show broadcast on BBC One every Friday at 10.35 pm. The show is hosted by, and the clue is in the name, the wonderful, charismatic Graham Norton, a 50-year-old man originally from Ireland who loves dogs and wine. The format of the show is pretty simple: 4 guests, more specifically two big celebrity names, a comedian and a well- known musical personality, who are all introduced after Graham’s 5-minute monologue at the beginning. The show also includes the famous 'red chair moment' when audience members sit in a red chair and tell a humorous story. If Graham gets bored, he then pulls the lever and the chair falls backwards, dumping the speaker from it!

(What story would you tell if you were on the red chair?)

So ticket in hand and ready to face the longest queue in the history of queues (I kid you not), my friends and I set off from work to go and see Graham. And not just Graham! Guess who the big names were? Well, I'll spare you the trouble and just tell you: Lady Gaga  and Jude Law!! I know! Gaga, right? Trust me, I was trying really hard to contain my excitement and behave like a normal person so that I wouldn't be kicked out of the studio. Although, having said that, it would have been impossible to look crazy next to Gaga!

Now, I guess the question you are dying to ask me is “how crazy is Lady Gaga?” Well, the answer depends on who you ask. If you ask me, I'd say she is actually quite normal. The only crazy things about her are her eccentric outfits and obsession with fashion. If you ask my friends, they'd say she has a few screws loose. And that's probably because of the voices that she claims she hears in her head and the fact that she likes to wear meat dresses! I say that's just her artistic genius talking.

As for Jude Law, he was as charming as ever. And why? Well it must have been the firm and well-defined jaw, the piercing blue eyes, and the high level of handsomeness.

All in all, it was a very good show. If you want to see Graham or be part of the audience, follow this link and subscribe for some free tickets. You might even get lucky!


By Guest Blogger Mary


piercing (eyes/ look)  intense

to have a hew screws loose (exp.)  - crazy

eccentric (adj.  -  considered by others to be strange or unusual

kicked out of (vb) -  to make sb. leave or go away

Gaga(adj) (colloquial) - crazy

I'll spare you the trouble (expr)  -  to save sb. from having to do something unpleasant

I kid you not (expr)  -  I’m not joking

set off (ph.vb) - to begin a journey

pulls the lever (Coll.) -  to pull a handle used to operate a machine

monologue (n)  - a long speech by one person

format (n) -  the general arrangement, design, plan of something

charismatic (adj) -  when someone attracts and impresses other people

the clue is in the name (expr) -  the solution/answer  to the problem/ question is in the name

hosted by (vb)  -  presented by

broadcast (vb) -  to show programmes on TV

my luck is changing (expr) when suddenly sb. becomes lucky or unlucky

when it comes to (expr)  - as regards to

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