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The Weather

Every December the radio plays our favourite Christmas songs and each year we hope, in vain, that the immortal words of Bing Crosby will come true when he croons “I’m dreaming of a white Christmas” Well not anymore, enough is enough, I’d be happy never to see snow again (unless skiing of course but that’s different!)

This year we’ve never had more reason to talk about our obsession, the weather, in particular, the snow.  In January the world’s eyes were upon up as London came to a standstill and our airports and rail services struggled to cope; this time it seems that only Gatwick airport has improved its snow equipment and Heathrow is once again in the news for the wrong reasons with very few flights and people stranded

This could be the coldest winter since 1979 with some areas of the UK getting up to 40cm of snow.  For those of you who were/are trying to get home for the winter festivities I wish you well/good luck.  Let me know your experiences please.  And if you are still dreaming of a white christmas and want to hear the Bing Crosby classic then click here.

So, I’ll take this opportunity to help you understand some idioms which are related to the weather.  

1.  I can’t attend the meeting because I’m snowed under.

2.  The recession has been difficult for our company but I think we’ll weather the storm.

3.  There’s a tube strike but because of the meeting I’ll be there come rain or shine.

4.  He lost his job and then his car was stolen, it never rains but it pours!

5.  I didn’t enjoy the party because I was under the weather

Enjoy yourselves come rain or shine over the festive season and I hope you continue to read our blog in 2011. 


  • In vain - (exp) without success
  • Immortal - (adj) never dying, living forever
  • To croon - (v) to sing in a soothing or gentle voice
  • To come to a standstill - (exp) to stop completely
  • To struggle - (v) to try extremely hard to achieve something
  • To cope - (v) to succeed in dealing with a difficult problem
  • Stranded - (adj) unable to move from the place they are
  • Festivity - (n) a happy feeling that exists when people celebrate something
  • To be snowed under - (exp) to have too much work to do
  • To weather the storm - (exp) to experience bad times but to come through them
  • Come rain or shine - (exp) to do something whatever the circumstances
  • It never rains but it pours - (exp) when something bad happens, other bad things often happen too, and make the situation even worse
  • Under the weather - (exp) to feel unwell, ill
  • Festive season - (noun phr) the period around Christmas

By Heather

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