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Today we meet one of our students, Angie who took our English for University course

Today we meet one of our students, Angie from South Korea, who took our English for Academic Purposes course called ‘English for University’ and is now studying on the International Pre-Masters Programme at King’s College, London, before progressing to an MA in Child Study at King’s College, London.

Why did you choose to study English in the UK?

I chose the UK because English is from England and I like London, where I can experience a wide diversity of multiculturalism. 

How do you think studying at a UK university will boost your career?

Studying in the UK provides me with various cultural experiences, which is crucial for my study, to have a better understanding of the world. I hope this practical experience is helpful when I look for the second career in my life. There are quite a few mature students in the UK universities, so I'm encouraged.

What advice would you give to future students applying to your university?

I would advise them to take the English for University course at The London School of English! It is a great way to start an academic life in the UK, since it gives you ideas about what English academic culture is like and provides essential training and preparation for it. All the dedicated teachers and staff are so helpful and friendly, especially the University Relations Manager who is very capable of core information about all the university programmes, on which you can rely for your future study. 

What was the most useful thing you learnt on your English for University course that you find useful in your university studies?

Dealing with the various topics that we covered on the course is good preparation for critical thinking. Discussions, listening practice using Ted talks, academic writing drills and making presentations all helped me to understand about academic culture in UK universities. I felt a lot more confident at the end of it! 

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