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Today we meet one of our students, Penda who took our English for University course

Today we meet one of our students, Penda, who studied on our English for Academic Purposes course called ‘English for University’ and who is now studying a Masters in International Management with Marketing at Roehampton University.

How do you think studying in the UK can boost your career?

Firstly, as English is not my first language, studying in the UK will not only improve my professional English but it will also provide more career opportunities. In addition, the UK is home to many multinationals and being located in the UK give you access to those companies. Finally, the higher education system in the UK is renowned for its internationally excellent and world leading universities. Therefore, studying and obtaining a UK degree could boost my employability around the world.

Why did you choose to study on our English for University course and what did you gain from it?

I have chosen the English for University course at London School of English because I wanted to cover all aspects of English for Academic Purposes. I wanted to improve my academic skills and so I could adjust to the British academic setting. Also, I wanted to take this course to get more experience and skills to be able to study successfully and integrate into student life. 

Luckily, the course has met all my expectations and even beyond. I improved my presentation skills, my essay writing and vocabulary. By the end of the course, my overall English skill improved a lot and I felt more confident about continuing my higher education in the UK. Last but not least, thanks to a very knowledgeable and friendly academic adviser, I was able to get advice and assistance in choosing the right University for my master's degree.

What has been your best experience in the UK so far?

It would be difficult for me to choose one experience and describe it as the best as I've seen and experienced so many things that I did not expect. I think a combination of all of those experiences makes my stay in the UK pretty unique. I must however admit that visiting the city of "Dreaming Spires", Oxford, was so enriching; the historical and academic atmosphere made me want to learn more and more.

Why did you choose to study International Management with Marketing, and what do you hope to do with your degree in the future?

Studying International Management with Marketing will strengthen my business development experience, develop my soft skills as a leader, and broaden my personal and business networks. In the five years coming, I aim to seek a position in a multinational firm with operations in Sub-Saharan Africa.

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