Top five places to eat near Westcroft Square

Our Westcroft Square centre is located in leafy Stamford Brook, with a variety of local businesses and great places to eat in the area. Here are our top 5 places to grab a bite to eat for a reasonable price - all within a 2 minute walk of the school.

101 Thai Kitchen (

Just around the corner from Westcroft square 101 Thai Kitchen offers authentic cuisine from the north and south of Thailand. The restaurant is run by a Thai family who do various jobs in the restaurant. The menu offers an extensive choice of Thai dishes including all the popular dishes such as Pad Thai and Green curry, as well as some much more unusual dishes that are not often found in London. The prices are incredibly reasonable and the food is always fresh and tasty. The lunch time menu offers a dish of meat or fish with rice for between £6-8, which is very good value for money, and is very popular with our students at the weekends.

Divina’s Café & Deli

Just over the road from the school, this small restaurant provides an enjoyable Italian meal experience. It attracts a varied clientele, mainly consisting of local residents and people who work in the area. As well as offering coffee and breakfast, the restaurant serves a wide range of pasta dishes salads and sandwiches, which are freshly made on a daily basis. They also offer a vast selection of Italian delicacies such as traditional Italian bread, sliced meat, cheeses and biscuits, in addition to wine and liqueur. The owners are extremely friendly and at lunchtime you can get a dish and a drink for £6.

The Ritz Café

Taking its name from the world famous hotel (, this greasy spoon is the home of the local fry up. This café opens very early in the morning and serves traditional English breakfasts with all the trimmings. The prices are extremely reasonable and the portions are large, making it incredibly popular with people who want to fill up on a large breakfast. The tea is one of the best cups you can buy for a good price in London They also offer some traditional English dishes like Steak and Kidney Pie, homemade Liver and Bacon Casserole, and Bubble and Squeak. As it is open so early, the café closes in the early evening.

Artisan (

This Coffee shop opened in the area at the beginning of 2013 and it became an instant hit, due to the fantastic quality of its coffee. Each cup is made with great care and dedication, to make sure it is as tasty as possible. They offer cakes, biscuits and pastries, but if you want to have something more substantial to eat, they have delicious fresh sandwiches which contain interesting combinations of food, that both vegetarian and meat-eaters will enjoy. They have a loyalty card scheme which is popular with the teachers. Once you have filled your card with stamps, you can spin the wheel and (hopefully) win a free coffee! Edwin, the owner of the coffee shop, also gives lectures as part of our Friday morning Westcroft Square lecture programme.

Haweli (

Haweli Indian was established in 1983 and has always been popular with locals and visitors. They offer typical dishes from the Indian subcontinent the restaurant’s longevity proves that it is a good place to eat. The waiters provide a friendly, attentive service and the spicy Indian dishes are freshly prepared by the Indian chefs. The sizzling dishes are very popular and they attract a large number of regular visitors. The décor is quite modern and this gives a relaxed atmosphere, which is never too busy. On Sunday, they offer a buffet service and you can eat as much as you like for £10. They also have a take away service and you can order online.

Why not try one of these great places to eat next time you are in the area?


to grab a bite to eat (phr.) - to get something to eat, to get some food that can be eaten quickly

authentic cuisine (col.) – food made in the same way as it is in the country it comes from

a varied clientele (col.) – different types of customers

on a daily basis (phr.) – happening every day

a vast selection of (phr.) – a large number of

greasy spoon (adj.+n.) – a cheap café or restaurant serving fried food

fry up (n.) – a plate of fried food, usually eggs, sausage and bacon

Bubble and Squeak (n.) - cooked cabbage fried with cooked potatoes and often meat

with all the trimmings (phr.) – means that something has extra things that are not always included so that it is more special

an instant hit (col.) – something that became successful very quickly

a loyalty card (n.) – a card given by a store or restaurant  that gives a customer discounts if they buy things there regularly

longevity (n.) – having a long life

sizzling dishes (adj.+n.) – food served on a very hot plate so that it makes a hissing sound

décor (n.) – the decoration or style of a room

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