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Frequently asked questions about corporate training

Here are the answers to some of the most frequently asked questions by those looking for corporate training.

What are the main features of your corporate training?

We are fully flexible to meet your needs. You can choose from:

What other corporate services do you offer?

We can provide English language assessments for staff for organisations of any size, with recommendations and training plans to suit your budget and goals.

Is your English testing free?

We offer a range of English language testing services, ranging from basic to detailed, including: 

  • Free self-serve online test, with automatic notification of approximate level
  • Bespoke written task corrected by a trainer, with descriptor-rating scores
  • Individual 5-10 minute interview with a trainer, with detailed level reporting

Contact [email protected] to discuss your needs and pricing for serviced tests. Our serviced options can be conducted online or in-person.

Are your corporate trainers in-house or freelance?

The majority of our courses are delivered by our in-house permanent trainers, who have been with us for an average of 11 years. Many of our in-house trainers have worked in-company in a wide range of industries, and in many different parts of the world, and have the professional skills and experience necessary to offer our courses.

We also have a network of very experienced freelance trainers who we use regularly, sometimes to answer an industry-specific requirement or project-based request.

What qualifications do your trainers have?

All our trainers have the Cambridge ESOL Certificate in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults (CELTA), or equivalent, as a minimum. All of our in-house training staff have the Cambridge ESOL Diploma in Teaching English as a Foreign Language to Adults (DELTA). A number of our trainers also have an MA in Teaching English as a Foreign Language or Applied Linguistics.

In addition to a qualification in English Language Teaching, several of our trainers hold a professional qualification in other professional fields such as Finance and Law. 

​Can I choose where and when to have corporate training?

Yes, we are fully flexible. The location, times and format can be tailored to your needs. This includes online training, immersive courses in London, or training at your offices.

Can I choose the content of the course?

Yes. If you choose a bespoke package we will work with you to design a training plan that answers all of your needs. If you decide to join one of our scheduled courses, we will still personalise the focus  to accommodate your employees’ needs as much as possible – we put together interesting groups focused on the requirements of the participants and conduct thorough needs analysis before delivery.

How do you design a bespoke course?

This is done in consultation with you to ensure that the content addresses the reasons for the training and fills in any gaps. Participants fill in a pre-course questionnaire so that we can tailor the course to their specific needs. We have worked with organisations of all sizes and requirements, so we can help you make decisions about how to best use your training budget to reach your goals effectively.   

What level of English should employees have to take part in training?

We run courses at most levels of competency so if you choose one of our scheduled courses, then employees will join the group suited to their level. We will assess their level from their pre-course questionnaire, an online English test, and a phone interview, if required.

If you choose a bespoke package, participants will be divided into groups with similar levels. For individual training, they will receive training tailored to their level.

How will I know the training is making a difference?

If you choose our self-service online courses, you can have supervisory access to keep track of engagement and progress. For all other training options, we send you regular individual progress reports and updates as agreed at the start of the project.

At the end of training, you receive a report for each employee including an assessment of how their ability and confidence have improved.

​Is it just business English you offer?

Our scheduled and bespoke courses include:

​Tell me more about your intercultural communications courses

These are practical interactive courses to help you build the essential skills for success anywhere in the world. Any of these courses can be customised for your specific industry or target markets. Click on the links to find out more.

​Will my staff receive a certification at the end of the course

Yes, they will receive a certificate of completion with details of the date, location, the title of the course and how many hours the training took. You can choose for the certificates to be issued from The London School of English, or we can customise them by adding  your branding alongside The London School of English logo.

Will my staff also have access to London School Online at the end of the course?

Yes, for courses which are supported by the e-learning platform, participants can access the equivalent self-serve London School Online course for 3 months after the end of the taught course.

What is included in the fee?
  • Level assessment
  • Needs analysis
  • Recommendations
  • Individualised training plan for each employee
  • All course materials
  • End of course report
  • Certificate of attendance
  • Refreshments (for corporate training participants at our Holland Park Gardens centre)
Can I book online?

You can book any of our scheduled courses using the online booking system on our website. For bespoke training, please contact our Sales team on [email protected]

Is there a minimum number of people for corporate training?

Our scheduled courses have a maximum number of participants of 6-10. This allows us to give everybody the attention they need and to customise content to address particular needs as much as possible. For bespoke training, the minimum and maximum number of participants is flexible and depend on your specific goals. Contact us on [email protected] to discuss your requirements.

Can I make changes to my booking if plans change?

Yes, we can be flexible based on availability and notice. If things change, simply contact us at [email protected]

What is your cancellation policy?

Please see our Terms and Conditions for our refund and cancellation policy.

What is your refund policy?

Please see our Terms and Conditions for our refund and cancellation policy.

Can I see a list of your clients?

Yes, our clients come from companies and organisations of all sizes, from local businesses to multinational corporations. We work in most industries and have a proven track record of delivering high levels of customer satisfaction. See some of the names we have worked with here.

Can I register your company on our supplier portal?

Yes, we can provide documentation to set up as a supplier on your payment or internal systems. We would be able to include purchase order details or upload documents onto supplier portals, if required. We are ISO 9001:2015 certified.

What are your payment terms? Can I pay after the training has started?

Payment is due before the start of our course (please see our Terms and Conditions). We do understand that there may be specific payment protocols in place for organisations such as payment after delivery has started or net 30 days from invoicing. If required, we can accept a financial guarantee letter or a signed contract with amended payment timelines, in writing in advance of commencement of training.

Can I pay for training in any currency?

Training is invoiced in GBP. It can be paid in any currency, and so all transfer and currency rate charges must be covered by the client.