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Customised English Training

Tailor-Made English Training

Your training is a central part of your whole experience. No two clients learn the same way, or have the same needs, which is why all of our classes are customised to suit your individual objectives. Our trainers understand that every client is different, and their teaching style is flexible to adapt to the students in each group.

One-to-one experience in a group course

At The London School of English, every group is different. We don’t use standard textbooks, which allows us to create course content each week built around your goals, and those of your classmates. Every part of the course is developed with you in mind. It is the closest you can get to individual training within a group course.

High-quality English trainers

Our trainers are carefully selected for their experience, their enthusiasm and their specialised knowledge. Our trainers have been teaching English for many years and have significant teaching and related professional experience. All of our trainers are qualified to teach English as a second language and many have advanced qualifications in teaching or language-related fields. Many of them have previous experience in a number of industries, which means they can offer valuable subject knowledge on our specialised professional courses.

Tracking your progress

We believe it is very important to be able to track your progress during your course. If you are studying for a long period of time, regular tracking helps us to make sure that you are making progress at the right speed in order to hit your goal. Our long-stay student consultant will meet with you on a regular basis to check your development and discuss the rest of your course. If you are studying for a short period, tracking your progress allows you to demonstrate the value of your course. Our end-of-course report breaks your language level down into 15 categories, offering you a clear analysis of your strengths and weaknesses as well looking at how your confidence in English has developed.