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London is our classroom - A new makeover for our Intensive General English course this summer

This summer, we’ll be using London as a classroom like never before, with class activities and visits planned throughout the summer months alongside a range of social activities in the city.

Even though you can study English in your own country or even online, people are still choosing to come all the way to London to improve their English. Many of our clients say that it is because in London they are surrounded by real English all the time.

Our trainers understand the importance of spending time in the country: 

“In London, our students have the opportunity to learn through their own experiences, which gives much more authenticity to the language. When you spend time in a country, it makes everything more memorable because when something appeals to all of your senses, you naturally remember it more.”

This summer, we’ll be visiting various museums, galleries and areas of interest throughout London with a range of related activities as part of our Intensive General English course.

You can find out more on our social media with information and pictures of actual lessons as well as related blog posts. 

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