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Upgrade of online courses

In July 2008 we launched our first online courses. The courses, which are a mixture of general English and business English, all focus on listening, reading and grammar. The feedback we have had from students over the past year has been overwhelmingly positive. Whilst online courses will never replace the kind of training that students can expect when they come to us in London, a well designed online course can go a long way to helping students continue using and improve their language skills over a longer period of time. Not everyone has the time to spend as long as they would like with us in London, but an online course can help students to improve and maintain their confidence when they are back home. The courses are also very useful for students that never come to study with us.

This month we launched our first online course upgrade by improving the current lessons and adding ninety new lessons. We also now have an English language portal which is a place where all students that are studying an online course can communicate with one another and ask tutors questions on the five forums. As a part of all of the courses students receive an email from their ‘mentor’ once a week, so they are never far from friendly human contact!

Look out for our new ‘BULATS Writing Practice’ course which is due out soon.

If you are interested in offering online courses to your clients and would like to find out more email [email protected]

For more information on our Practical English courses click here.

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