Our Values, Vision and Philosophy

Our Purpose

We help people to communicate across borders and cultures. 

Our Corporate/Brand Values

  1. We are proud of what we do
  2. We go the extra mile
  3. We communicate honestly and openly
  4. We innovate and improve
  5. We are a team; we get things done together

Our Philosophy

  • We treat participants as experienced adults with a great deal to contribute to their course.
  • Work is concentrated. Time is precious. All our courses are intensive.
  • The schedule is planned but flexible.
  • No single training method suits everyone. We are sensitive to different learning styles.
  • Our approach is always practical. People need to use English, not just study it.
  • Small is beautiful. We restrict the numbers in our course centres so that we can ensure a really personal service at all times.
  • English is important because it is a world language, used for international communication. We offer a multi-national, multi-cultural environment.
  • Learning is a collaboration - between the trainer and the learner, and between individual learners.
  • Learning never ends. We know that your course with us is just part of a bigger picture. We try to give you the tools to continue to develop your English after you leave us.
  • Our courses are stimulating. Language learning is sometimes quite hard work, but you will never be bored.
  • Our courses are demanding. The more you put in the more you will get out. We help you to learn - we cannot learn for you.
  • Our courses are enjoyable. They are more effective that way.

Why study at The London School of English?

  • Rated “Excellent” in over 1,000 independent client reviews
  • Over 100 years’ experience
  • Tailored training delivers clear results
  • Memorable experiences in London or online
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