We understand how important it is for you to feel happy and comfortable in your accommodation and we take great care to meet your requirements. If you are unhappy for any reason, please tell us immediately – we can often sort out any problems, and it is easier to do so if we know about them at the earliest opportunity.

It is worth noting that when problems do occur, they often arise because of a misunderstanding or because there are different cultural expectations.  It is often simplest to discuss any issues early on to avoid a small issue becoming a bigger one.  You may find it easier to talk to us about any issues, as we know the hosts and may be able to explain the situation - and find a solution - more easily.

You can leave your accommodation at any time but we ask you to give us 6 working days' notice, or, if you want to move at once, to pay for a week. 

If you feel an urgent need to change your accommodation because you are unhappy there, we will do everything we can to move you quickly. Please see us without delay in this case, but please remember that when the school is very busy it may be difficult to do so immediately.

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